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June 24, 2015
Conference on “The Role of Theory in Computer Science”

at the

Program Committee
Janusz Brzozowski, Waterloo
Lila Kari, Western
Jeffrey Shallit, Waterloo

Local Arrangements Committee
Jeffrey Shallit, Waterloo
Prabhakar Ragde, Waterloo
Frank Tompa,Waterloo


Academic computer science is a vast area with many different goals and approaches. But “theory”, aka theoretical computer science, provides models and techniques for the formal analysis of these models; its profound influence can be found throughout computer science. Speakers from many different areas (VLSI design, asynchronous circuits, testing, verification, graphics, codes, computational complexity, networks, automata, grammars, etc.) will address the role of theory in computer science.
The goal of the Conference is to bring together speakers from many different areas to shed light on how theory is used in practice, and how practical problems can spur the development of theory.

The Conference will be hosted by the School of Computer Science at the University of Waterloo.

Invited speakers:

Carl-Johan Seger (Intel)
Bruce Watson (Stellenbosch University)
Dilip Banerji (University of Guelph)
Zoltán Ésik (University of Szeged)
Galina Jirásková (Slovak Academy of Sciences)
Shanker Singh (IBM, Retired)
Ernst Leiss (University of Houston)
Jacques Sakarovitch (CNRS/Telecom ParisTech, France)
Hellis Tamm (Tallinn University of Technology)
Bruce Cockburn (University of Alberta)
Jo Ebergen (Oracle)
Andrew Szilard (Western University)
Helmut Jürgensen (Western University)
Jean-Éric Pin (University of Paris)
C.-J. (Richard) Shi (University of Washington)