November 26, 2014
Rescheduled to Spring , 2015
Distinguished Lecture Series in Statistical Science

Room 230, Fields Institute

Bin Yu
University of California, Berkeley

December 10 lecture at 3:30 pm

December 11 lecture at 11 a.m.

Bin Yu is the Chancellor's Professor of Statistics at the University of California, Berkeley. Yu earned a bachelor's degree in mathematics in 1984 from Peking University, and went on to graduate studies in statistics at Berkeley, earning a masters degree in 1987 and 1 Ph.D. in 1990. After postdoctoral studies at the Mathematical Sciences Research Institute and an assistant professorship at the University of Wisconsin–Madison, she returned to Berkeley as a faculty member in 1993, was tenured in 1997, and became Chancellor's Professor in 2006. She also worked at Bell Labs from 1998 to 2000, while on leave from Berkeley, and has held visiting positions at several other universities. She chaired the statistics department at Berkeley from 2009 to 2012, and since 2012 is president-elect of the Institute of Mathematical Statistics.
Yu is a fellow of the Institute of Mathematical Statistics, the IEEE, the American Statistical Association, the American Association for the Advancement of Science, and the American Academy of Arts and Sciences. In 2012, she was the Tukey Lecturer of the Bernoulli Society for Mathematical Statistics and Probability.

April 9 & 10, 2015
Distinguished Lecture Series in Statistical Science

Room 230, Fields Institute

Terry Speed
University of California, Berkeley

April 9 lecture at 3:30 pm

April 10 lecture at 11 a.m.

The Distinguished Lecture Series in Statistical Science series was established in 2000 and takes place annually. It consists of two lectures by a prominent statistical scientist. The first lecture is intended for a broad mathematical sciences audience. The series occasionally takes place at a member university and is tied to any current thematic program related to statistical science; in the absence of such a program the speaker is chosen independently of current activity at the Institute. A nominating committee of representatives from the member universities solicits nominations from the Canadian statistical community and makes a recommendation to the Fields Scientific Advisory Panel, which is responsible for the selection of speakers.

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