June 25, 2018
Time Series Methods and Applications:
the A. Ian McLeod Festschrift

June 2 - 3, 2014
University of Western Ontario (Western University), London, Ontario

Organizers David A. Stanford, Reginald J. Kulperger, Hao Yu,
The University of Western Ontario

The main objectives of the Festschrift are to hold a general meeting in Time Series methods and applications, and to celebrate the career of Professor Ian McLeod, a world renowned time series analyst.
Other objectives include:
1. provide a venue for graduate students to present their work in a supportive environment,
2. provide adequate focus on emerging application areas for time series analysis,
3. encourage collaboration among researchers in time series in Canada and other countries

There will be two or three keynote lectures, including W. K. Li, University of Hong Kong, and Mary Thompson, University of Waterloo.

Confirmed List of Invitees (as of April 10th):

    W.K. Li --Univ. of Hong Kong Hong Kong,
    J.M. Dufour --Univ. De Montréal Montréal,
    M. Thompson-- Univ. of Waterloo Waterloo,
    Albert Wong --Chinese University of H.K. Hong Kong,
    Yulia Gel --Univ. of Waterloo Waterloo,
    Ejaz Ahmed --Brock University St. Catherines,
    Ying Zhang --Acadia University Wolfville,
    Rafal Kulik --Univ. d'Ottawa Ottawa,
    Heung Wong --HK Polytechnic U. Hong Kong,
    Shiqing Ling --Hong Kong U.S.T. Hong Kong,
    Guodong Li --Univ. of Hong Kong Hong Kong,
    Serge Provost --Western University London,
    Reg Kulperger --Western University London,
    Hao Yu --Western University London,
    David Stanford --Western University London