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June 23-27, 2014
Algebraic Combinatorics: Spectral Graph Theory, Erdös-Ko-Rado Theorems and Quantum Information Theory

A Conference to celebrate the work of Chris Godsil
To be held at the

Organizing Committee

Ada Chan (York),
Bill Martin (Worcester Polytechnic),
Aleksandar Jurišić ( Ljubljana)
Karen Meagher (Regina)

Mike Newman (Ottawa)

The Fields Institute

University of Waterloo

Department of Combinatorics & Optimization

Registration on-site June 23, cash payments only.
Regular: $250, Students & postdocs: $100, Invited Speakers:fees waived
Banquet tickets $70, Additonal banquet tickets $70, waived for invited speakers

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Invited Speakers
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It is surprising that the characteristic polynomial of the adjacency matrix of a graph provides a useful window onto combinatorial properties of the graph itself, but this approach to graph theory has been a source of interesting and useful results for over 80 years.

Questions on optimality of networks and extremal graph theory lead to a huge literature on distance-regular graphs and association schemes, with applications to finite geometry, coding theory, and the theory of finite simple groups. Work on the matching polynomial, an analogue of the characteristic polynomial first studied by chemists and physicists, led to the best asymptotic estimates for the number of k × n Latin rectangles. Wilson used association schemes in his fundamental work on the Erdös-Ko-Rado theorem, a central result in extremal graph theory, and more recent work has shown algebraic approaches to this topic provide a very useful viewpoint.

More recently, it has become apparent that many questions on quantum information theory give rise to problems which can be fruitfully attacked using the methods and ideas of algebraic graph theory: existence of mutually unbiased bases, SIC-POVMs, quantum colouring and homomorphisms, discrete and continuous quantum walks. Professor Chris Godsil has made many fundamental contributions to these topics. The goal of this conference is to bring together researchers in discrete mathematics whose work has been influenced by Chris's work, to share recent advances, and to forge stronger connections. The conference will be a celebration for the Canadian mathematical community and we invite researchers in combinatorics, matrix theory, and quantum information theory from all over the world to join us.

Invited Speakers

László Babai, University of Chicago
Eiichi Bannai
, Shanghai JiaoTong University
Peter Cameron
, University of St. Andrews
Andrew Childs, University of Waterloo
Ameera Chowdhury
, Carnegie Mellon University
Sebastian Cioaba
, University of Delaware
Marston Conder, University of Auckland
Gabriel Coutinho
, University of Waterloo
Edwin van Dam,
Tilburg University
Matt DeVos, Simon Fraser University
Peter Dukes, University of Victoria
Chris Godsil, University of Waterloo
Krystal Guo
, Simon Fraser University
Junbo Huang
, University of Waterloo
Willem Haemers
, Tilburg University
Wilfried Imrich, Montanuniversität Leoben
Jack Koolen, University of Science and Technology of China/POSTECH
Brendan McKay, Australian National University
Karen Meagher, University of Regina
Bojan Mohar
, Simon Fraser University
Dave Morris
, University of Lethbridge
Joy Morris
, University of Lethbridge
Akihiro Munemasa
, Tohoku University
Cheryl Praeger, University of Western Australia
David Roberson
, Nanyang Technological University
Martin Roetteler
, Microsoft Research
Brendan Rooney
, University of Waterloo
Aidan Roy
, D-Wave
Gordon Royle, University of Western Australia
Simone Severini
, University College London
Christino Tamon
, Clarkson University
Qing Xiang,
University of Delaware

Local Arrangements

All lectures will be held on the campus of the University of Waterloo. The program will begin in the morning of June 23 (Monday) and conclude in the afternoon of June 27 (Friday). There will be a reception in the evening of June 23 and a banquet in the evening of June 26.

Kitchener-Waterloo is approximately 100 km from Pearson International Airport in Toronto. We recommend that you arrive in Toronto on June 22 (Sunday) and depart on June 28 (Saturday).

Airways Transit connects Toronto Pearson airport with the Waterloo area providing 24/7 door-to-door shared ride service. For Toronto Pearson airport transfers we have obtained a reduced conference rate of $69.00 per person, one way, tax included. To receive the reduced fare you must book in advance and identify yourself as a Godsil65 delegate when making your reservation. You can book online at (the conference code is Godsil65). You can also book by phoning 519-886-2121 and identifying yourself as a Godsil65 delegate; the phone line is staffed 24 hours a day.

A block of rooms has been set aside on a first-come first-serve basis at the KING STREET RESIDENCE (Wilfrid Laurier University). Some attendees may wish to stay at the WATERLOO INN, THE WATERLOO HOTEL, or the COMFORT INN. Please make your reservation as early as possible.

KING STREET RESIDENCE (Wilfrid Laurier University)
Reservation: or call 1-519-884-0710 x2771
Rate: $45 Cdn plus taxes/night with semi-private washroom.
$70 Cdn plus taxes/night with private washroom.
Location: 20-25 minute walk to lecture room.
Cut-off-date: none.
Name of booking: "Godsil65".

Rate: $145 Cdn plus taxes
Name of booking: "Godsil65".
Location: 45-55 minute walk from the lecture room.
(shuttle available)
Rate: $150 Cdn plus taxes
Name of booking: "Godsil65".
Location: 25-30 minute walk from the lecture room.
Rate: $109 Cdn plus taxes
Name of booking: "Godsil65".
Location: 30-40 minute walk from the lecture room.

d) For further information, please send email to godsil65<at>


  Full Name University/Affiliation
  Abiad, Aida Tilburg University
  Alamri, Sultan Taibah University
  Aldred, Robert University of Otago
  Au, Yu Hin University of Waterloo
  Babai, Laszlo University of Chicago
  Bahmanian, Amin University of Ottawa
  Bailey, Robert Grenfell Campus, MUN
  Bang, Sejeong Yeungnam University
  Bannai, Eiichi Shanghai Jiao Tong University
  Bannai, Etsuko  
  Barrera-Cruz, Fidel University of Waterloo
  Bisson, Terrence Canisius College
  Boutin, Debra Hamilton College
  Breen, Jane University of Manitoba
  Butler, Steve Iowa State University
  Cameron, Peter University of St Andrews
  Campbell, Rutger University of Waterloo
  Chan, Ada York University
  Changiz Rezaei, Seyed Saeed Simon Fraser University
  Chen, Da Qi University of Waterloo
  Cheng, Eddie Oakland University
  Cheriyan, Joseph University of Waterloo
  Childs, Andrew University of Waterloo
  Chowdhury, Ameerah Carnegie Mellon
  Cioaba, Sebastian University of Delaware
  Cole, Samuel University of Illinois at Chicago
  Conder, Marston University of Auckland
  Coutinho, Gabriel University of Waterloo
  DeVos, Matt Simon Fraser University
  Dukes, Peter University of Victoria
  Dyck, Adam University of Regina
  Ellingham, Mark Vanderbilt University
  Feder, David University of Calgary
  Fiol, Miquel Angel Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya
  Foniok, Jan University of Warwick
  Gao, Wenbo University of Waterloo
  Gavrilyuk, Alexander Tohoku University
  Geelen, Jim University of Waterloo
  Gibbons, Courtney Hamilton College
  Godbout, Jonathan Worcester Polytechnic
  Godsil, Chris University of Waterloo
  Gosselin, Shonda University of Winnipeg
  Goulden, Ian University of Waterloo
  Greaves, Gary Tohoku University
  Guo, Krystal Simon Fraser University
  Haemers, Willem Tilburg university
  Hamel, Angele Wilfrid Laurier University
  Herchen, Jim US DoD
  Hobart, Sylvia University of Wyoming
  Huang, Junbo University of Waterloo
  Hunt, Sean University of Waterloo
  Ihringer, Ferdinand Justus-Liebig-Universität Giessen
  Imrich, Wilfried Montanuniversitaet Leoben
  Jurisic, Aleksandar University of Ljubljana
  Kirkland, Steve University of Manitoba
  Koolen, Jack University of Science and Technology of China
  Kothari, Nishad University of Waterloo
  Kotsireas, Ilias Wilfrid Laurier University
  Lange, Alexander University of Waterloo
  Lee, Edward University of Waterloo
  Lee, Jae-Ho University of Wisconsin-Madison
  Leonard, Douglas Auburn University
  Li, Weiqiang University of Delaware
  Lin, Jason University of Waterloo
  Liu, Henry University of Waterloo
  Malconado, Alejandra Universidad de Concepcion
  Maltais, Elizabeth University of Ottawa
  Martin, William Worcester Polytechnic Institute
  McKay, Brendan Australian National University
  Meagher, Karen University of Regina
  Menezes, Alfred University of Waterloo
  Minchenko, Marsha Monash University
  Mohar, Bojan Simon Fraser University
  Mollahajiaghaei, Mohsen The University of Western Ontario
  Morris, Dave University of Lethbridge
  Morris, Joy University of Lethbridge
  Mosca, Michele University of Waterloo
  Mullin, Ronald University of Waterloo
  Munemasa, Akihiro Tohoku University
  Murty, U.S.R. University of Waterloo
  Nayak, Ashwin University of Waterloo
  Nelson, Peter University of Waterloo
  Newman, Mike University of Ottawa
  Petrie, Tara University of Regina
  Pivotto, Irene University of Western Australia
  Poirier, Antoine University of Ottawa
  Postle, Luke Emory University
  Praeger, Cheryl The University of Western Australia
  Purdy, Alison University of Regina
  Ramkumar, Ritvik University of Waterloo
  Richmond, Bruce University of Waterloo
  Roberson, David Nanyang Technological University
  Roetteler, Martin Microsoft Research
  Rooney, Brendan University of Waterloo
  Roy, Aidan D-Wave Systems
  Royle, Gordon University of Western Australia
  Sajjad, Alia  
  Sankey, Alyssa University of New Brunswick
  Schade, Tilla Hochschule Harz (university of Applied Sciences)
  Schanck, John University of Waterloo
  Seifter, Norbert Montanuniversität Leoben
  Severini, Simone University College London
  Shuldiner, Pavel York University
  Soltani, Abolghasem University of Regina
  Soltani, Ziba Azerbaijan Shahid Madani University
  Szestopalow, Michael University of Waterloo
  Szollosi, Ferenc Tohoku University
  Tait, Michael University of California, San Diego
  Tamon, Christino Clarkson University
  Tan, Yin University of Waterloo
  Tardif, Claude Royal Military College of Canada
  Täubig, Hanjo Technische Universität München
  Teng, Valerie Elsevier
  Tuncel, Levent University of Waterloo
  van Dam, Edwin Tillburg University
  van der Holst, Hein Georgia State University
  Verret, Gabriel The University of Western Australia
  Wagner, David University of Waterloo
  Wang, Xiaojing University of Waterloo
  Wanless, Ian Monash University
  Williford, Jason University of Wyoming
  Xiang, Qing University of Delaware
  Xie, Miaolan University of Waterloo
  Xu, Yan University of Waterloo
  Younger, Dan University of Waterloo
  Yu, Roger Thompson Rivers University
  Zhan, Hanmeng University of Waterloo