May 27, 2024

13th Conference of the Canadian Number Theory Association (CNTA XIII)
June 16–20, 2014
Carleton University
and the University of Ottawa

Conference organizers:
Scientific advisory committee:
Ayse Alaca (Carleton)
Saban Alaca (Carleton, main organizer)
Paul Mezo (Carleton)
Damien Roy (Ottawa)
Abdellah Sebbar (Ottawa)
Gary Walsh (Ottawa)
Hugh Williams (Calgary/Carleton)
Kenneth Williams (Carleton)
John Friedlander (Toronto)
Steve Gonek (Rochester)
Eyal Goren (McGill)
Stephen Kudla (Toronto)
Cameron Stewart (Waterloo)
Hugh Williams (Calgary/Carleton)
Kenneth Williams (Carleton)

REGISTRATION (on-site June 16)
After April 30, 2014:
Registrants with grants $350, Registrants without grants $150, Grad students $75, Waived for plenary speakers

Before April 30, 2014,
Registrants with grants $300, Registrants without grants $100, Grad students $50, Waived for plenary speakers

Ribenboim Prize in Number Theory
Ribenboim Prize committee: Adrian Iovita (Concordia), Ram Murty (Queen’s), Damien Roy (Ottawa)

Florian Herzig from the University of Toronto has been selected as the recipient of the 2014 Ribenboim Prize of the Canadian Number Theory Association.

The Ribenboim Prize, named in honour of Paulo Ribenboim, is awarded for distinguished research in Number Theory by a mathematician who is Canadian or has close connections to Canadian Mathematics. Previous winners are: Andrew Granville (1999), Henri Darmon (2002), Michael Bennett (2004), Vinayak Vatsal (2006), Adrian Iovita (2008), Valentin Blomer (2010), Dragos Ghioca (2012). The 2014 award will be presented at the CNTA XIII meeting, to be held from 16 to 20 June 2014 at Carleton University.

The purpose of the CNTA is to promote research in Number Theory. It organizes the largest number theory conference in North America. Participants come from around the world to learn about the latest developments in number theory. The event encourages both young and senior researchers to interact and to share their expertise. CNTA V took place at Carleton University in 1996. CNTA XIII will be held again at Carleton University with one day at the University of Ottawa.

Conference proceedings

The Fields Institute will publish the CNTA XIII Conference Proceedings, which will be edited by A. Alaca, S. Alaca and K. S. Williams. Submissions to the Proceedings should not have been submitted or published elsewhere, and should be sent electronically (both LaTeX and PDF files) to Professor A. Alaca at aalaca<at> no later than October 30, 2014. All submissions will be refereed.

List of speakers

The conference will feature 10 plenary lectures, the 2014 Ribenboim Prize lecture, and a Public Lecture. Plenary lectures are 45 minutes in length. Each lecture room is equipped with ample blackboards, a computer and a data project

Plenary speakers

James Arthur (Toronto)
Kathrin Bringmann (Cologne)
Brian Conrey (Bristol)
Caterina Consani (Johns Hopkins)
Shaun Cooper (Massey)

Henri Darmon (McGill)
James Maynard (CRM)
Andrew Sutherland (MIT)
Nicolas Templier (Princeton)
Jacob Tsimerman (Harvard)

Public Lecturer
June 17, 2014 at 7:30 p.m.

Southham Hall, Carleton University
Jean-Marie de Koninck (Laval)
The Secret Life of Mathematics/La vie secrète des mathématiques

Invited speakers

Jeff Achter (Colorado)
Mark Bauer (Calgary)
Bruce Berndt (Illinois)
Alina Cojocaru (Illinois)
Karl Dilcher (Dalhousie)
Michael Filaseta (South Carolina)
Leo Goldmakher (Toronto)
Dimitris Koukoulopoulos (Montréal)
Michel Laurent (Luminy, CNRS)
Yu-Ru Liu (Waterloo)
Florian Luca (UNAM)

Chung Pang Mok (McMaster)
Kumar Murty (Toronto)
Carl Pomerance (Dartmouth)
Rachel Pries (Colorado)
Gaël Rémond (Bordeaux)
David Roberts (Minnesota)
David Roe (Calgary)
Michael Rubinstein (Waterloo)
Renate Scheidler (Calgary)
Claus Sorensen (UCSD)
Michel Waldschmidt (UPMC)
Alfred Weiss (Alberta)


Confirmed Participants as of June 10

*Awaiting confirmation
Full Name University/Affiliation
Achter, Jeff Colorado State University
Akbary, Amir University of Lethbridge
Alaca, Ayse Carleton University
Alaca, Saban Carleton University
Alanazi, Jamilah Carleton University
Algarmol, Afaf Carleton University
Allen, Patrick Northwestern University
Althagafi, Mohammed Carleton University
Altiary, Mada Carleton University
Arthur, James G. University of Toronto
Aryan, Farzad University of Lethbridge
Aygin, Zafer Selcuk Carleton University
Baluyot, Siegfred University of Rochester
Bauer, Mark University of Calgary
Berndt, Bruce* University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Bettin, Sandro CRM
Bober, Jonathan University of Bristol
Boyd, David University of British Columbia
Bremner, Andrew Arizona State University
Bringmann, Kathrin University of Cologne
Bruin, Nils Simon Fraser University
Bruni, Carmen University of British Columbia
Candelori, Luca McGill University
Charkani, Mohammed E* Faculty of Sciences
Chatterjee, Tapas Queen's University
Cho, Peter Jaehyun SUNY Buffalo
Chow, Sam University of Bristol
Christie, Aaron University of Ottawa
Cloutier, Maurice-Etienne Laval University
Cojocaru, Alina Carmen University of Illinois at Chicago
Conrey, Brian American Institute of Mathematics
Consani, Caterina Johns Hopkins University
Coons, Michael J. University of Newcastle
Cooper, Shaun Massey University
Darmon, Henri McGill University
De Koninck, Jean-Marie Laval University
Deajim, Abdulaziz King Khalid University
Dias, Dimitri Université de Montréal
Dilcher, Karl Dalhousie University
Dobrowolski, Edward University of Northern British Columbia
Doyle, Greg Carleton University
Drappeau, Sary CRM
Dunn, Scott University of South Carolina
Dupuy, Taylor UCLA
Ericksen, Larry  
Felix, Adam University of Lethbridge
Filaseta, Michael University of South Carolina
Fiori, Andrew Queens University
Fiorilli, Daniel University of Michigan
Fodden, Brandon Carleton University
Freiberg, Tristan University of Missouri
Gafni, Ayla Pennsylvania State University
Gao, Weidong Nankai Universit
Garcia-Fritz, Natalia Queen's University
Ge, Fan University of Rochester
Goldmakher, Leo University of Toronto
Gonek, Steve University of Rochester
Guo, Zhenyu University of Missouri
Hamieh, Alia Queen's University
Hanson, Brandon University of Toronto
Hao, Hao university of washington
Hare, Kevin University of Waterloo
Henriot, Kevin Université de Montréal
Herzig, Florian University of Toronto
Huang, Jing-Jing University of Toronto
Hulse, Thomas Queen's University
Hussain, Mumtaz University of Newcastle
Jacobson, Michael University of Calgary
Jana, Subhajit* University of British Columbia
Jankauskas, Jonas University of Waterloo
Karaatli, Olcay Sakarya University
Keita, Aminata Dite Tanti University of Ottawa
Kesicioglu, Yavuz Faculty of Science and Arts
Khan, Mizan R. Eastern Connecticut State University
Kim, Hoil Kyungpook National University
Kirila, Scott University of Rochester
Klurman, Oleksiy University of Montreal
Knapp, Michael Loyola College
Kolster, Manfred McMaster University
Koukoulopoulos, Dimitris Université de Montréal
Kumar, Manoj University of Lethbridge
Kuo, Wentang University of Waterloo
Lam, Winnie University of Waterloo
Laurent, Michel Institut de Mathematiques de Marseille
Letendre, Patrick Laval University
Levesque, Claude Université Laval
Lim, Meng Fai University of Toronto
Liu, Yu-Ru University of Waterloo
Logan, Adam  
Long, Misty Kansas State University
Luca, Florian Campus Juriquilla
Lumley, Allysa University of Lethbridge
Lungstrum, Clayton University of Rochester
Martins, Rodrigo Carleton University
Maynard, James Universite de Montreal
McKinnon, David University of Waterloo
McNew, Nathan Dartmouth College
Meisner, Patrick Concordia University
Mezo, Paul Carleton University
Millar, Goldwyn Carleton University
Mok, Chung Pang McMaster University
Morgan, Adam University of Bristol
Morra, Stefano University of Toronto
Murty, Kumar University of Toronto
Murty, Ram Queen's University
Musson, Matthew Gouvernement
Najman, Filip University of Zagreb
Ntienjem, Ebénézer Carleton University
Omar, Ommkaltoum Carleton University
Ouellet, Vincent Laval University
Pacheco, Amilcar Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro
Parks, James University of Lethbridge
Pasten, Hector Queen's University
Pazuki, Fabien University Bordeaux 1
Pigno, Vincent Kansas State University
Pomerance, Carl Dartmouth College
Pries, Rachel Colorado State University
Qureshi, Claudio Universidade Estadual de Campinas
Ray, Prasanta Kumar* IIIT Bhubaneswar
Rémond, Gaël CNRS/U. Bordeaux
Rivard-Cooke, Martin University of Ottawa
Roberts, David University of Minnesota, Morris
Rony, M A* B. R. International
Rosen, Julian University of Waterloo
Roy, Damien University of Ottawa
Rozenhart, Pieter Government of Canada
Rubinstein, Michael University of Waterloo
Saber, Hicham University of Ottawa
Salim, Badidja* University of Ouargla.of Algiers
Saunders, J.C. University of Waterloo
Scarfy, Justin The University of British Columbia
Scheidler, Renate University of Calgary
Schindler, Damaris Hausdorff Center for Mathematics
Sebbar, Abdellah University of Ottawa
Simons, Lloyd Saint Michel's College
Snurnitsyn, Pavel Lomonosov Moscow University
Södergren, Anders University of Copenhagen
Sorensen, Claus UCSD
Soydan, Gokhan
Uludag University, Department of Mathematics
Sulisz, Gregory Adrian College
Sutherland, Andrew Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Szalay, Laszlo University of West Hungary
Templier, Nicolas Princeton University
Toll, Charles  
Trudgian, Timothy The Australian National University
Tse, Ling-Sang University of Waterloo
Tsimerman, Jacob Harvard University
Turner, Graeme Carleton University
Vatwani, Akshaa Queen's University
Vincent, Christelle Stanford University
Voutier, Paul  
Waldschmidt, Michel Université Paris VI
Walji, Nahid* Centre de recherches mathématiques
Walls, Patrick McMaster University
Walsh, Gary* University of Ottawa
Wear, Peter UCSD
Weatherby, Chester Wilfrid Laurier University
Weir, Colin Simon Fraser University
Williams, Hugh C. University of Calgary
Williams, Kenneth Carleton University
Wong, Peng-Jie Queen's University
Wooding, Amy McGill University
Wu, Jing Queen's University
Xiao, Stanley University of Waterloo
Yamagishi, Shuntaro University of Waterloo
Yazdani, Soroosh University of Lethbridge
Yoon, Dong Sung National Institute for Mathematical Sciences
Zaman, Asif University of Toronto