June 25, 2018
11-16 June 2012
12th Canadian Summer School on Quantum Information

18-22 June 2012

9th Canadian Student Conference on Quantum Information/2nd AQuA Graduate Student Congress on Quantum Information and Computation

Institute for Quantum Computing,University of Waterloo

Summer school organizing committee:
Andrew Childs (co-chair), University of Waterloo
Adrian Lupascu (co-chair), University of Waterloo
Anne Broadbent, University of Waterloo
Gus Gutoski ,University of Waterloo
Florian Ong, University of Waterloo

Student conference
organizing committee:

Stacey Jeffery (co-chair), University of Waterloo
Peter Groszkowski (co-chair), University of Waterloo
Benjamin Brown, Imperial College London
Dorian Ganglo, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Benno Salwey, Universite de Montreal
Yimin Wang, National University of Singapore


12th Canadian Summer School on Quantum Information

This summer school is the 12th edition of an annual Canadian event that brings together students from around the world to learn about quantum information processing. Previous editions of the school have been held in Calgary, Montreal, Sherbrooke, Toronto, and Waterloo. This year's school follows the tradition of educating young researchers in this rapidly-evolving field by gathering some of the world top experts to offer lectures on various aspects of quantum information. The school is designed for graduate students and postdocs in computer science, mathematics, and physics who are interested in learning about quantum information processing. It also provides an opportunity for students specializing in one sub-area to broaden their knowledge of the field as a whole.

You can find a more complete list of summer school speakers on the summer school web page.

Canadian Student Conference on Quantum Information
The annual Canadian Student Conference on Quantum Information, now in its 9th year, has been a huge success in the past, bringing together graduate students from across Canada and around the world. This year it will be combined with the 2nd annual AQuA Graduate Student Congress on Quantum Information and Computation, a similar spirited event with the goal of bringing together graduate students from member institutions of the Alliance for Quantum Academia. Member institutes include Centre for Quantum Technologies (National University of Singapore), Institute for Quantum Computing (University of Waterloo), Imperial College London, and Massachusetts Institute of Technology. This will be the rst year that the two events will be combined, and the combination is anticipated to be beneficial in bringing together a wider variety of students from various institutes across the globe. With the combination of these two events, we expect a high number of participants, approximately 110 based on previous years, and hope to provide generous
student travel support for participants.
The student conference will consist mainly of student contributed talks, giving as many participants as possible a chance to showcase their own work to their peers, as well as providing them with an introduction to work being done by others. In addition, we hope to organize an industry afternoon,
with invited speakers from various areas of industry, to expose participants to future opportunities outside the academic sphere.