June 25, 2018
April 11-13, 2012
Workshop on Recent Progress in Quantum Algorithms
to be held at
University of Waterloo and Perimeter Institute

Principal Organizers
Andrew Childs - U. Waterloo
Richard Cleve - U. Waterloo and Perimeter
Michele Mosca - U. Waterloo and Perimeter
Ashwin Nayak - U. Waterloo and Perimeter
Rolando Somma - LANL

This workshop is intended to evaluate the state of the art in quantum algorithms and complexity, and establish new elements, common targets, and problems where methods founded on the laws of quantum physics will play a significant role. Particular emphasis will be given on the following areas:

Quantum Algorithms for Algebraic Problems
Quantum Walks and Quantum Query Models
Adiabatic Quantum Optimization and Quantum Annealing
Quantum Simulations of Physics
Efficient Classical Methods to Simulate Quantum Algorithms

The workshop will focus on the latest techniques used in the design of quantum algorithms as well as the latest results on quantum complexity theory. The meeting seeks to establish new collaborations in the field and to identify future directions and milestones. This goal will be achieved by fostering the exchange of ideas between participants that have rich and interdisciplinary backgrounds, including computer scientists, physicists, and mathematicians. Breakthroughs in this field have often resulted from the confluence of ideas from these different groups that constitute the quantum computing community. Given these reasons, we strongly believe that in addition to being a forum for sharing ideas, the meeting will provide a beneficial opportunity for these groups to interact.

Tentative schedule:
Day 1 10 am - 12 pm lunch break 2 pm - 5 pm U. Waterloo
Day 2 10 am - 12 pm lunch break 2 pm - 5 pm U. Waterloo (with conference dinner to follow)
Day 3 10 am - 12 pm lunch break 2 pm - 5 pm Perimeter Institute