June 14, 2024
From Dynamics to Complexity
A conference celebrating the work of Mike Shub

May 07-11, 2012
Bahen Centre
, Room 1180

Organizing Committee:
Jean-Pierre Dedieu (University Paul Sabatier)
Teresa Krick (Department of Mathematics, University of Buenos Aires)
Charles Pugh (Department of Mathematics, Chicago University)
Amie Wilkinson (Department of Mathematics, Northwestern University)

Supported by the National Science Foundation
Registration n Fees $100, Students and PDF $40 Workshop


This conference aims to follow-up on the Fields Institute Fall 2009 Thematic Program on Foundations of Computational Mathematics, which was organized by Peter Borwein (Simon Frazer University), Stephen Cook (University of Toronto), Teresa Krick (University of Buenos Aires), Adrian Lewis (Cornell University), Richard Schwartz (Brown University) and Michael Shub (University of Toronto).

There were three major themes, centered on three different workshops: Discovery and Experimentation in Number Theory, Complexity of Numerical Computation and Computational Differential Geometry, Topology and Dynamics.

In this conference we will mainly focus on the second theme, giving account in particular on all the progress achieved on Smale's 17th problem: "Can a zero of n complex polynomial equations in n unknowns be found approximately, on the average, in polynomial time with a uniform algorithm?"

This conference aims to cover as well the evolution of some of the themes, mainly on Partially Hyperbolic Dynamics, Laminations, and Teichmuller Flow, of the Spring 2006 Thematic Program on Holomorphic Dynamics, Laminations, and Hyperbolic Geometry, of which Mike Shub was also an organizer.


Confirmed Participants

Full Name University/Affiliation
Adcock, Ben Purdue University
Amelunxen, Dennis University of Paderborn
Armentano, Diego Universidad de la República
Basu, Saugata Purdue University
Beltrán, Carlos Universidad de Cantabria
Berz, Martin Michigan State University
Blum, Lenore Carnegie Mellon University
Bonatti, Christian Universite de Bourgogne
Brown, Aaron Pennsylvania State University
Bürgisser, Peter University of Paderborn
Burns, Keith Northwestern University
Carrasco, Pablo IMPA
Crovisier, Sylvain CNRS - Université Paris-Sud 11
Cucker, Felipe City University of Hong Kong
de la Llave, Rafael Georgia Institute of Technology
Ferraz de Andrade, Rodrigo Purdue University
Gerber, Marlies Indiana University Bloomington
Hammerlindl, Andy IMPA
Hao, Wenrui University of Notre Dame
Hellenbrand, Kaitlyn Texas A&M University
Herrera, Yoe University of Oklahoma
Iserles, Arieh University of Cambridge
Kim, Myong-Hi Nina SUNY College at Old Westbury
Koiran, Pascal ENS Lyon
Krick, Teresa Universidad de Buenos Aires
Ledrappier, Francois University of Notre Dame
Leykin, Anton Georgia Institute of Technology
Makino, Kyoko Michigan State University
Malajovich, Gregorio Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro
Mann, Kathryn University of Chicago
Meer, Klaus Brandenburg University of Technology
Morfin Ramírez, Mario Leonardo York University
Motta, Francis Colorado State University
Newhouse, Sheldon Michigan State University
Niemerg, Matthew Colorado State University
Nitecki, Zbigniew Tufts University
Pacifico, Maria José Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro
Pardo, Luis Miguel Universidad de Cantabria
Peña, Javier Carnegie Mellon University
Pugh, Charles University of Chicago
Pujals, Enrique IMPA
Renegar, James Cornell University
Rodriguez Hertz, Federico J. Pennsylvania State University
Rodriguez Hertz, Maria Alejandra IMERL
Rojas, J. Maurice Texas A&M University
Roshchina, Vera University of Ballarat
Rusek, Korben Texas A&M University
Shub, Michael Universidad de Buenos Aires
Simó, Carles Universidad de Barcelona
Sulem, Catherine University of Toronto
Sutherland, Scott Stony Brook University
Todd, Michael J. Cornell University
Török, Andrew University of Houston
Tresser, Charles IBM
Ugarcovici, Ilie DePaul University
Ures, Raúl IMERL
Vinzant, Cynthia University of Michigan
Vytnova, Polina University of Warwick
Weaver, Bryce Pennsylvania State University
Weinberger, Shmuel University of Chicago
Wilkinson, Amie Northwestern University
Williams, Robert Institute for Advanced Study
Wittig, Alexander Michigan State University
Yessen, William UC Irvine
Yomdin, Yosef The Weizmann Institute of Science
Zhang, Ke University of Toronto


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