March  2, 2024

Summer Thematic Program on the Mathematics of Constraint Satisfaction
July - August 2011
Seminars held at the Fields Institute

Program Visitors Seminars:

Thursday July 7
11 - 12:30 pm
Fields Institute, Room 210
Libor Barto (McMaster University and Charles University in Prague)

Categories and Magic Taylor
Friday July 8
1:30 pm
Fields Institute, 3rd Floor Stewart Library

Moshe Vardi (Rice University)

P vs NP

Tuesday July 5
11- 12:30 pm
Fields Institute, Room 230

Alexander Kazda (Charles University in Prague)

Random CSPs

Tuesday July 19
11 - 12:30 pm
Fields Institute, Room 210

Jakub Bulin

Polymorphisms of special trees

Thursday July 21
11 - 12:30 pm
Fields Institute, Room 210

Anna Huber

Submodular Functions on Stars




Taking the Institute's Courses for Credit
As graduate students at any of the Institute's University Partners, you may discuss the possibility of obtaining a credit for one or more courses in this lecture series with your home university graduate officer and the course instructor. Assigned reading and related projects may be arranged for the benefit of students requiring these courses for credit.