January 27, 2022

Banach Algebras 2011
Waterloo, Ontario, Canada
August 3 - 10, 2011
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Fees $300,
Faculty without grant $70, Students and Retired $40
Excursion to Niagara with Lunch $69, Banquet $45

Confirmed Participants

This conference is the twentieth in a series of conferences in Banach algebras that started in 1974 at Los Angeles. The most recent meetings were held at Bedlewo (2009), Québec (2007), Bordeaux (2005), Edmonton (2003), and Odense (2001).

A brief history of the Banach Algebras Conferences may be found here; a much more comprehensive account of the first thirteen meetings was written by H.G. Dales for the Proceedings of the 13th Conference and published by Walter de Gruyter, Berlin, 1998.

Local Organizers, Banach Algebras 2011

Brian Forrest and Nico Spronk
Department of Pure Mathematics
University of Waterloo

Scientific Committee:

H. Garth Dales, University of Leeds
Kenneth Davidson, University of Waterloo
Jean Esterle, Université Bordeaux 1
Fereidoun Ghahramani, University of Manitoba
Zinaida Lykova, Newcastle University
Thomas Ransford, Université Laval
Zhong-Jin Ruan, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Volker Runde, University of Alberta

Registered Participants as of August 11, 2011

Full Name University/Affiliation
Alaghmandan, Mahmood University of Saskatchewan
Alaminos, Jeronimo Universidad de Granada
Bird, Alistair Lancaster University
Blecher, David University of Houston
Brannan, Michael Queen's University
Chan, Kai-Cheong University of Waterloo
Chan, Kit Bowling Green State University
Chan, Pak-Keung (Danny) Carleton University
Chan, Vincent University of British Columbia
Cheng, Yin-Hei University of Waterloo
Choi, Yemon University of Saskatchewan
Chow, Siu Sing University of Waterloo
Crann, Jason Carleton University
Cushing, David Newcastle University
Dales, Garth University of Leeds
Davidson, Kenneth R. University of Waterloo
Daws, Matthew University of Leeds
Eggert, Briem University of Iceland
Elgun, Elcim University of Waterloo
Farhat, Yasser Université Laval
Feinstein, Joel University of Nottingham
Forrest, Brian University of Waterloo
Fragoulopoulou, Maria University of Athens
Fuller, Adam University of Waterloo
Ghahramani, Fereidoun University of Manitoba
Ghandehari, Mahya Dalhousie University
Gheorghe, Filofteia University of Manitoba
Gogic, Ilja University of Zagreb
Gourdeau, Frédéric Université Laval
Graham, Colin University of British Columbia
Granirer, Ed University of British Columbia
Hamilton, Ryan University of Waterloo
Hare, Kathryn University of Waterloo
Helemskii, Alexander Moscow State University
Hu, Zhiguo University of Windsor
Ilie, Monica Lakehead University
Izzo, Alexander Bowling Green State University
Jafar-zadeh, Safoura University of Manitoba
Kakariadis, Evgenios University of Waterloo
Kalantar, Mehrdad Carleton University
Kamara, Adama Souleymane Université Laval
Kania, Tomasz Lancaster University
Kleski, Craig University of Virginia
Kosiek, Marek Jagiellonian University
Kuznetsova, Julia University of Luxembourg
Laustsen, Niels Jakob Lancaster University
Lee, Hun Hee Chungbuk National University
Lee, Kristopher Clarkson University
Luttman, Aaron Clarkson University
Lykova, Zinaida Newcastle University
Marcoux, Laurent University of Waterloo
Marti Perez, Laura University of Waterloo
Mathieu, Martin Queen's University Belfast
Mazowita, Matthew University of Alberta
Mbekhta, Mostafa Université Lille 1
Neufang, Matthias Carleton University, Fields Institute, Université Lille 1
O'Farrell, Anthony National University of Ireland
Onuma, Kenneth University of Waterloo
Ozawa, Narutaka Kyoto University
Öztop, Serap University of Waterloo
Palacios, Lourdes Universidad Autónoma metropolitana- Iztapalapa
Paulsen, Vern University of Houston
Pedersen, Thomas Vils University of Copenhagen
Peters, Justin Iowa State University
Pham, Hung Victoria University of Wellington
Pirkovskii, Alexei National Research University "Higher School of Economics"
Piszczek, Krzysztof Adam Mickiewicz University
Poulin, Denis Carleton University
Racher, Gerhard University of Salzburg
Radjavi, Heydar University of Waterloo
Ramsey, Chris University of Waterloo
Ramsey, Laurence University of Hawaii
Ransford, Thomas Université Laval
Raubenheimer, Heinrich University of Johannesburg
Read, Charles University of Leeds
Roginskaya, Maria Chalmers University of Technology
Roydor, Jean R.I.M.S. Kyoto University
Runde, Volker University of Alberta
Salmi, Pekka University of Waterloo
Samei, Ebrahim University of Saskatchewan
Sangani Monfared, Mehdi University of Windsor
Schreiber, Bert Wayne State University
Shepelska, Varvara University of Manitoba
Skoufranis, Paul University of California, Los Angeles
Solel, Baruch Technion
Soltan, Piotr University of Warsaw
Soltani Farsani, Jafar University of Saskatchewan
Spronk, Nicolaas University of Waterloo
Stokke, Ross University of Winnipeg
Turowska, Lyudmila Chalmers University of Technology
Villena, Armando Universidad de Granada
Viselter, Ami University of Alberta
White, Michael Newcastle University
Yahaghi, Bamdad University of Golestan
Yang, Dilian University of Windsor
Zhang, Yong University of Manitoba