May 26, 2018

Symposium on Modelling and Informatics
of Disease and Environment (SMIDE)
August 29-31, 2011
held at 280N York Lanes (See #24 on map)
Keele Campus, York University
4700 Keele St., Toronto, ON, M3J 1P3

Organizing Committee:
Prasanth Goswami, CSIR Centre for Mathematical Modelling and Computer Simulation (C-MMACS), India
Jianhong Wu (contact), Mprime Centre for Disease Modeling at York University,
Jörg Grigull, Department of Mathematics and Statistics, York University

On-line registratio now closed , please register
on-site August 29

Program Getting to York University Accommodation at York University
There will be several keynote lectures introducing the national capacity of both India and Canada in the areas of critical importance to environment and vector-borne disease modeling: national priorities, disease surveillance, data sharing and bioinformatics, statistical analysis and mathematical modeling. There will be a few talks presenting the current status of collaborative research in West Nile virus, lymphatic filariasis and avian influenza, there will also be some exchanges of on-going projects on the roles of mathematcal modelling in the real-time response and management of emerging vector-borne diseases.

The symposium will be organized in a relatively unstructured fashion, so each plenary and invited lecture will be followed by a mediated group discussion. There will be less formal lectures than usual workshops to allow participate to form groups to discuss potential collaborations.

Tentative Agenda
Day 1: Surveillance and modeling environmental impact on health
Day 2: Modeling capacity for disease control and emergency response
Day 3: Bioinformatics and in-hosting dynamics

CONFIRMED PARTICIPANTS as of August 16, 2011:

Full Name University/Affiliation
Akhter, Tahmina Ryerson University
Arino, Julien University of Manitoba
Chen, Dongmei Queen's University
Chen, Michael York University
Chen, Yuming WilFrid Laurier University
Dobrovolny, Hana Ryerson University
Duvvuri, Venkata PHO-Public Health Laboratory - Toronto
Eberl, Hermann J. University of Guelph
Fan, Guihong York University
Gordon, Paul University of Guelph
Greer, Amy Public Health Agency of Canada
Hao, Lina York University
Heffernan, Jane York University
Jaberi, Majid York University
Lou, Yijun York University
Madras, Neal York University
Mishra, Sharmistha St Michael's Hospital
Moghadas, Seyed York University
Mutheneni, Srinivasa Rao Indian Institute of Chemical Technology
Rahman, Kazi University of Guelph
Ramesh, K.V. CSIR Centre for Mathematical Modeling & Computer Simulation
Ratti, Vardayani University of Guelph
Suryanarayana Upadhyayula, Murty CSIR-Indian Institute of Chemical Technology
Wang, Xiangsheng York University
Wu, Jianhong York University
Wu, Xiaotian York University
Yan, Ping Public Health Agency of Canada
Yang, Yong York University
Zhu, Huaiping York University
Zivari-Piran, Hossein York University