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Tsunamis, Rogue Waves, And Flooding

June 13- 16, 2011
Hosted by Fields,
held at Wallberg Building (WB 116),184-200 College Street
University of Toronto (map to venue)

Organizing Committee:
W. Craig, D. Henderson, E. Pelinovsky & C. Sulem


This workshop is on the dynamics of extreme ocean waves, such as tsunamis and rogue waves, and the hazards that they present to coastal regions and to shipping. Our purpose is to inform the mathematics community about problems of prediction and of description of extreme ocean waves, that in particular may be addressed in part by mathematical tools and techniques. As well, our purpose is to provide a venue from which collaborations are developed between the two communities of mathematicians and ocean scientists.

Invited Speakers:

Diego Arcas, NOAA/Pacific Marine Environmental Laboratory
O. Bokhove, Twente
John Dudley, FEMTO-ST, Université de Franche Comté
Denys Dutykh, Université de Savoie-CNRS
Isaak Fine, Institute of Ocean Sciences, BC
Johannes Gemmich, University of Victoria
Diana Greenslade, Bureau of Meteorology, Melbourne
Christian Kharif
Emile Okal, Northwestern
Miguel Onorato, Università di Torino
Geir Pedersen, Universitetet i Oslo
Efim Pelinovsky, Institute of Applied Physics, Russian Academy of Sciences
Harvey Segur, University of Colorado
Harry Yeh, Oregon State

Tentative Schedule

Monday June 13 Wallberg Building (WB 116) 184-200 College Street
12:30 On site registration
H. Segur (Boulder)
2:00 H. Yeh (Oregon State)
Solitary-Wave Amplification along a Vertical Wall: Theory and Experiment
Tea Break
D. Greenslade (Melbourne)
Operational tsunami forecast and warning
E. Okal (Northwestern)
Tsunamis as normal modes of the Earth, and a venture into extracurricular geophysics
5:30 Reception
Tuesday June 14
10:00 E. Pelinovsky (RAS - Nizhny Novgorod)
Rogue Waves in the Ocean; Facts, Theories and Modelling
G. Pedersen (Oslo)
Topics related to tsunamis generated by rock slides
J. Dudley (Franche - Comte)
Light on nonlinearity: what optics can reveal about the science of extreme ocean waves
Wednesday 15 June
Diego Arcas (NOAA)
Operational Aspects of Tsunami Modeling and Detection
M. Onorato (Torino)
Triggering breathers in currents
2:00 I. Fine (Institute of Ocean Sciences, Sydney, BC)
The NEPTUNE Canada measurements of approaching tsunamis off the British Columbia coast: an opportunity for regional modelling and forecasting
3:00 Tea
3:30 O. Bokhove (Twente)
Makings Waves at Beaches
Thursday 16 June
10:00 D. Dutykh (Chambery)
Dispersive and non-dispersive wave runup and some related phenomena

J. Gemmrich (Victoria)
Dynamical and statistical explanations of rogue wave occurrence rates
12:00 Ch. Kharif (Marseille)
Extreme sea wave modelling : Application to rogue waves

Final List of Participants:

Full Name University Name
Aechtner, Matthias McMaster University
Arcas, Diego NOAA/Pacific Marine Environmental Laboratory
Ayala, Diego McMaster University
Bayram, Saziye Buffalo State College
Bell, Jordan University of Toronto
Bokhove, Onno University of Twente
Chabchoub, Amin Hamburg University of Technology
Cher, Yuri McGill University
Coles, Matthew McMaster University
Craig, Walter McMaster University
Dudley, John M. University of Franche-ComtÚ
Dutykh, Denys UniversitÚ de Savoie-CNRS
Dyachenko, Alexander Landau Institute for Theoretical Physics
Fine, Issak Institute of Ocean Sciences
Gemmrich, Johannes University of Victoria
Graham, Ian University of Toronto
Greenhalgh, Scott University of Guelph
Greenslade, Diana Bureau of Meteorology
Gustafsson, Jonathan McMaster University
Henderson, Diane Pennsylvania State University
Kevlahan, Nicholas McMaster University
Kharif, Christian Institut de Recherche sur les Phenomenes Hors Equilibre
Lamb, Kevin University of Waterloo
Liu, Xiao University of Toronto
Okal, Emile Northwestern University
Onorato, Miguel UniversitÓ di Torino
Pedersen, Geir Kleivstul University of Oslo
Pelinovsky, Efim Russian Academy of Sciences
Rogers, Nick McMaster University
Segur, Harvey University of Colorado
Sulem, Catherine University of Toronto
Valenta, George  
Yeh, Harry Oregon State University


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