May 20, 2018

May 9-13, 2011
Sage Days Workshop
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Acadia University

Organizing Committee:
Eva Curry and Hugh Thomas


This event will continue Sage development work begun at the Sage Days workshop held at the Fields Institute in May, 2010.

Sage ( is a mathematics software package, developed by and for the mathematics community, which aims to replicate and extend the functionality of commercial software packages such as Mathematica and Maple, on the basis of an open source model. Sage also provides
a common interface for a wide variety of specialized (and not-so-specialized) mathematical software, such as GAP, Pari, R, and many others. Sage was begun in 2004 and continues to expand rapidly.

As part of the process of developing Sage, and of attracting new potential users and developers for Sage, some 30 Sage Days conferences have been held around the world, in the US, France, Spain, Austria, Netherlands, Germany, India, and also in Vancouver (at SFU), and Montreal (at the CRM), as well as the Sage Days held at the Fields Institute in May, 2010 ( These events include a combination of mathematical talks,
demonstration of Sage functionality, and time spent actually writing code which will be incorporated into Sage.
This will be the 1st Sage Days workshop in Atlantic Canada, and will encourage researchers in this area to use and contribute to the development of Sage.

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