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Extended Workshop on Groups and Group Actions in Operator Algebra Theory,
12-16 July, 2010
University of Ottawa.

Thierry Giordano, Vladimir Pestov

Subject matter:
Operator algebras, including their links with groups and group actions, constitute one of only a few major research strengths common to both Canadian and Brazilian mathematics, and the impetus to the extended workshop was provided by a recent collaboration agreement signed by the Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina (Florianópolis, Brazil) and the University of Ottawa. However, the workshop is open to everyone, and everybody is welcome.

There will be two mini-courses of three one-hour lectures each, given by two main speakers. Also, there will be one-hour lectures and 40-minute lectures given by invited speakers.

There will be a special session in David Handelman's honour on the occasion of his forthcoming 60th birthday

Main speakers:
Ruy Exel (Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina, Brazil) and Vadim Kaimanovich (University of Ottawa, Canada).

One-hour speakers:
Alcides Buss (UFSC)
Benoît Collins (Ottawa)
George Elliott (Toronto)
Ilijas Farah (York)
Daniel Gonçalves (UFSC, Brazil),
David Kerr (Texas A&M),
Volodymyr Nekrashevych (Texas A&M),
Matthias Neufang (Carleton and Fields)
Ping Wong Ng (University of Louisiana),
Zhuang Niu (Memorial University of Newfoundland)
Jean Renault (Université d'Orléans, France),
Benjamin Steinberg (Carleton University, Canada).

40-minute speakers:
Ion Nechita (University of Ottawa)
Catalin Rada (University of Ottawa)

Financial support:
Available for graduate students and postdoctoral fellows (funds permitting). Deadline for funding applications made on this web page: April 15, with funding decisions made shortly thereafter.

List of Confirmed Participants as of July 12, 2010:

Full Name University Name
Artemenko, Igor University of Ottawa
Bagnol, Marc University of Ottawa
Buss, Alcides Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina
Cioppa, Timothy University of Ottawa
Collins, Benoît University of Ottawa
Darras, Mohammed University of Ottawa
Duan, Hubert University of Ottawa
Elliott, George University of Toronto
Exel, Ruy University of Santa Catarina
Farah, Ilijas York University
Giordano, Thierry University of Ottawa
Gonçalves, Daniel Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina
Hajji, Wadii University of Ottawa
Kaimanovich, Vadim University of Ottawa
Kerr, David Texas A&M University
Kousha, Termeh University of Ottawa
Lemaire-Beaucage, Jonathan University of Ottawa
Marti Perez, Laura University of Waterloo
Mbombo Dempowo, Brice Rodrigue University of Yaoundé 1(Cameroon)
Nechita, Ion University of Ottawa
Nekrashevych, Volodymyr Texas A&M University
Neufang, Matthias Carleton University
Ng, Ping Wong University of Louisiana at Lafayette
Nguyen, Thu Huong University of Ottawa
Niu, Zhuang Memorial University of Newfoundland
Pestov, Vladimir University of Ottawa
Rada, Catalin University of Ottawa
Rainone, Timothy Texas A&M University
Renault, Jean Université d'Orléans
Saad, Nadia University of Ottawa
Salami, Azar University of Ottawa
Sinha, Gaurav IIT Kanpur
Sobieczky, Florian University of Jena
Starling, Charles University of Ottawa
Steinberg, Benjamin Carleton University



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