April 26, 2018

June 15-19, 2011
Canadian Undergraduate Mathematics Conference 2011

The 18th CUMC will be held at Laval University, in Quebec City, from June 15th to June 19th, 2011. We encourage students who are interested in any math-related field to participate. This is a unique opportunity to encounter new areas of mathematics, hear renowned keynote speakers from a variety of disciplines, meet fellow students from across the country and even give a mathematical talk on a topic of your choice (which is encouraged, but not required).
Please register as early as possible.

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Registered Participants as of June 29

Full name University Name
Al-Shaghay, Abdullah Dalhousie University
April, Samuel Université de Montréal
Auger, Jean Université Laval
Barfuss, Peter University of Waterloo
Barron, David University Of Waterloo
Beauregard, Ian Université Laval
Bédard, Catherine Université Laval
Bella, Alexandra University of British Columbia
Bergeron, Geoffroy Université de Montréal
Bergsma, Hannah Redeemer University College
Biland, Erwin Université Laval
Blondeau-Fournier, Olivier Université Laval
Bois, Richard Université Laval
Boisselle, Jason Université de Montréal
Boiteau, Éloïse Université Laval
Bouchard, Nicolas Université de Montréal
Bovard, Luke University of Waterloo
Bradbury-Klyman, Joshua Concordia University
Brodie, Jane Memorial University of Newfoundland
Campbell, Natalie Redeemer University College
Capuano, Andrew Carleton University
Cerezo, Richard University of Toronto
Charlesworth, Ian University of Waterloo
Charron, Philippe Université de Montréal
Chaurette, Laurent Université de Montréal
Chi, Hanci University of Waterloo
Chiasson, Justine McMaster University
Church, Kevin University of Ottawa
Cloutier, Maurice-Etienne Laval University
Coles, Matthew McMaster University
Couët, Alexandre Université Laval
Cousins, Gregory McMaster University
Da Silva, Patrick University of Montreal
Dallaire, Marie-France Université Laval
Davidson, Colin University of Waterloo
de Courcy-Ireland, Matthew McGill University
de Valence, Henry Queen's University
Dosseva, Maria University of Waterloo
Du, Chen Fei University of Waterloo
Edgar, Bering University of Waterloo
Emond, David Université Laval
Fortier, Jérôme Université du Québec à Montréal
Fortin, Jean-Philippe McGill University
Fugere, Dominik Université Laval
Gagnon, Pierre-Louis Université Laval
Gélinas, Vincent Concordia University
Gervais, Kevin Université de Montréal
Ginsberg, Dan University of Toronto
Graham, Robert University of Waterloo
Grenier Gauthier, Vincent Université Laval
Gross, Harrison University of Waterloo
Guay, Alexandre Laval University
Harvey, Joannie Université Laval
Hilgers, Catherine McGill University
Hof, Travis Carleton University
Holden, Matthew University of Western Ontario
Hsu, Chieh-Ting (Jimmy) Dalhousie University
Hunt, Sean University of Waterloo
Hurst, Michelle McMaster University
Iacovlenco, Olga Concordia University
Iorgulescu, Ana University of Toronto
Javanfar, Nikta Queen's University
Jeremic, Filip McMaster University
Johnson, Allan University of Ottawa/National Research Council
Joyal, Bruno Concordia University
Kabir, Ifaz University of Waterloo
Kanuka, Bennett Queen's University
Kidwai, Omar University of Toronto
Kovesi, Michelle Carleton University
Kulkarni, Avinash University of Waterloo
Lacasse, Patrick Université Laval
Lajoie, Nathalie Université Laval
Lam, Chris McMaster University
Lane, Jeremy University of Regina
Lapointe, Andréanne Université de Montréal
Lee, Christina University of Waterloo
Lee, Daniel Hyeongjoo Carleton University
Leger, Sophie Université Laval
Lemieux-Mellouki, Philippe Université Laval
Létourneau, Vincent Université de Montréal
Lévesque-Gravel, Anick Université Laval
Li, Fangda University of Toronto
Li, Jian Dalhousie University
Ma, Xiao Qin Emily University of Waterloo
Mack, Richard University of Waterloo
Martineau, Joanie Université de Montréal
Mathieu-Soucy, Sarah Université Laval
May, Brandon McMaster University
McLaughlin, David University of Waterloo
Mehta, Janm University of Waterloo
Melczer, Steve Simon Fraser University
Mendaglio, Angelica Trent University
Mercier, Olivier Université de Montréal
Milcak, Juraj University of Toronto
Moisan, Thierry Université Laval
Morin, Michael Université Laval
Morneau-Guérin, Frédéric Université Laval
Murray, Maxime Laval University
Naslund, Eric University of British Columbia
Nishio, Chiyo Queen's University
Nolet, Benoit Université Laval
Nolet, Jean-Francois Université de Sherbrooke
Oltean, Marius University of Waterloo
Papst, Irena McMaster University
Paquin-Lefebvre, Frédéric Université de Montréal
Parras, Crystal UBC Okanagan
Péloquin-Tessier, Hélène Université de Montréal
Penney, Mark  
Peterson, David University of Northern British Columbia
Picard-Cantin, Émilie Université Laval
Poudrier, François Université Laval
Pouliot, Benoît Université Laval
Pynn-Coates, Nigel McMaster University
Rajon, Quentin Cégep de Rimouski
Rector, Christopher Dalhousie University
Renauld, Emmanuelle Laval University
Resnick, Daniel University of Waterloo
Richards, Larissa University of Regina
Rickey, Fred West Point
Rivard, Nicholas Carleton University
Robert-Veillette, Laurent Université Laval
Robison, Brendan University of Waterloo
Sabella Garnier, Philippe McGill University
Sagatov, Sergei University of Toronto
Sahasrabudhe, Julian Simon Fraser University
Sarada, Joshua UBC Okanagan
Shen, Jifeng McGill University
Shi, David University of Waterloo
Simard, Frédéric Université Laval
Simard, Nicolas Université de montréal
Simmons, Olivia University of Toronto
Sinclair, David University of Toronto
Sinclair, Peter University of Waterloo
Smith, Jerrod University of Regina
Smythe, Iian University of Manitoba
Snarski, Michael McGill University
Springuel, Damien Université Laval
Steel, George University of Toronto
Stepanov, Brigitte Queen's University
Stringer, David Queen's University
Terrana, Alexandra McMaster University
Tessier, Ryan University of Regina
Thibault, Louis-Philippe Université de Montréal
Thibodeau, David McGill University
Tkatch, Dmitri University of Waterloo
Touchette, Martin Université d'Ottawa
Tremblay, Véronique Université Laval
Trottier, Olivier McGill University
Turcotte, Jean-Sébastien Université Laval
Tye Gingras, Christian Université Laval
Viau, Edith Université du Québec à Montréal
Vincart-Emard, Alexandre Université de Montréal
Walton, Laura McMaster University
Weng, Gwen University of Waterloo
Wong, Jennifer University of Waterloo
Yang, John University of Toronto
Zeng, Yizhe University of Winnipeg
Zhang, Tianli University of Regina
To be Confirmed
Gagnon, Jean-François University of Montreal