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May 2-4, 2010
Workshop on Semigroups and Categories
University of Ottawa,
585 King Edward, Ottawa

Organizer: Pieter Hofstra (UOttawa),
Benjamin Steinberg (Carleton University, Ottawa)
Jonathon Funk (University of the West Indies, Barbados)

Online registration is now closed.
Onsite registration: $50
Contributed Talks,
there are opportunities for contributed talks, interested speakers are requested to contact the organizers
List of Participants
Accommodation and
Travel to Ottawa


This workshop is centered on the interplay between category theory and semigroup theory. Indeed, we hope that the workshop will lead to more interaction between the two groups, an exchange of perspectives on both long and short term challenges, and new opportunities for collaboration.

There will be several expository talks and tutorials giving researchers a chance to learn about categorical methods and about semigroup theory. In order to foster a better understanding of different lines of research in both camps, it is intended that the more advanced research talks will not address only specialists from one group, but rather be accessible to everyone. Thus, the worshop is intended to bring together both communities, and as such we believe that the event should be of interest to a large audience.

Invited Speakers

Robin Cockett (U. Calgary)
Thierry Giordano (U. Ottawa)
Mark Lawson (Heriot Watt)
Ernie Manes (U. Massachusetts)

Dorette Pronk (Dalhousie)
Pedro Resende (IST Lisboa)
John Rhodes (Berkeley)





List of Confirmed Participants as of April 26, 2010:

Full Name University Name
Blute, Richard University of Ottawa
Censor, Aviv University of California, Riverside
Cockett, Robin University of Calgary
Comeau, Marc University of Ottawa
Diepenveen, Emily University of Ottawa
Funk, Jonathon The University of the West Indies, Cave Hill
Gains, David Carleton University
Giordano, Thierry University of Ottawa
Hajji, Wadii University of Ottawa
Hamano, Masahiro JST (Japan Science and Technology Agency)
Hoffnung, Alexander University of California, Riverside
Hofstra, Pieter University of Ottawa
Lawson, Mark Heriot-Watt University
Manes, Ernie University of Massachusetts
Pronk, Dorette Dalhouise University
Redmond, Brian University of Calgary
Resende, Pedro Instituto Superior Técnico
Rhodes, John University of California, Berkeley
Salami, Azar University of Ottawa
Scott, Robin Carleton University
Sobieczky, Florian University of Jena
Steinberg, Benjamin Carleton University
Wares, Trevor University of Ottawa
Warren, Michael University of Ottawa
Alfred, Crescentiana University of the West Indies
Gallagher, Jonathan University of Calgary


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