June 20, 2018

First Montreal Spring School in Graph Theory
McGill University, Montreal
May 2-29, 2010

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The McGill Spring School in Graph Theory is organized by Bruce Reed and will take place at McGill University in Montreal between May 2 -- 29, 2010. The school will consist of (i) a 20-lecture course given by Bruce Reed on structural results obtained from excluding graph minors , and (ii) a second 20-lecture course given by Paul Seymour and Maria Chudnovsky on structural results obtained by excluding induced subgraphs. The school will also have talks by a list of internationally renowned invited speakers. For more information, see the section on courses.

Space is limited, therefore those interested in attending must fill in an online registration form.

A limited amout of financial support will also be available for graduate students. To be eligible, students must submit an application for financial support. Fields has made funds available for funding travel and accomodation for junior participants from Fields institutions.
Only students may apply for financial support. Applicants for support should send their CV and a letter of recommendation from their supervisor or someone well qualified to comment on their work. For full consideration, all materials must be sent to before December 15th, 2009.

The courses may be taken for academic credit by students at McGill and other ISM institutions. Many other universities will allow students to take these courses for trtansfer credit.More information about how to arrange to take the courses for credit will appear here in due course.

Last day of registration is January 30th, 2010