June 19, 2018

July 27-29, 2009
Workshop on the Dynamics in Environmental and Geophysical Flows
at the University of Waterloo

Organizers: Marek Stastna, Francis Poulin


This Fields Institute sponsored workshop will consider theoretical, numerical and experimental perspectives on the dynamics of stratified and rotating fluids in the atmosphere, oceans, and lakes. We hope to have a casual atmosphere of interaction between established researchers, postdoctoral fellows and graduate students. Some travel support money is available, especially for graduate students, on a first come-first served basis.

ACCOMODATION: Please see the link at the top of this page for more information.

TRAVEL: Please see the link at the top of this page for directions to Waterloo and to the workshop.

Invited Participants

Jahrul Alam (Memorial University)
Peter Bartello (McGill University)
Leon Boegman (Queen's University)
Magda Carr (St. Andrew's University)
Georges Djoumna (University of Waterloo)
David Dritschel (St. Andrew's University)
Jerome Fontane (St. Andrew's University)
Stephen Griffiths (University of Leeds)
S.G. Gopalakrishnan (Hurricane Research Division/AOML/NOAA/DOC)
Paul Kushner (University of Toronto)
Kevin Lamb (University of Waterloo)
Dan Lucas (St. Andrew's University)
Rebekah Martin (University of Manitoba)
David Muraki (Simon Fraser University)
Julie Pietrzak (TU Delft)
David Straub (McGill University)
Gordon Swatters (University of Alberta)
Chuong van Tran (St. Andrew's University)
Mike Waite (University of Waterloo)
Matt Wells (University of Toronto at Scarborough)
Ram Yerubandi (National Water Research Institute)

List of Participants as of July 27, 2009

Full Name University Name
Aghsaee, Payam Queen's University
Boegman, Leon Queen's University
Bourouiba, Lydia York University
Carr, Magda University of St Andrews
Coman, Melissa Australian National University
Djoumna, Georges University of Waterloo
Dorostkar, Abbas Queen's University
Dritschel, David G. University of St Andrews
Fontane, Jerome University of St Andrews
Godlovitch, Daniel University of Victoria
Gopalakrishnan, S.G. NOAA/AOML/Hurricane Research Division
Griffiths, Stephen University of Leeds
Henderson, Greig University of St Andrews
Karsen, Richard Acadia University
KC, Santosh IRDC
Kushner, Paul University of Toronto
Lamb, Kevin University of Waterloo
Liu, Wentao University of Waterloo
Lucas, Dan University of St Andrews
Martin, Rebekah University of Manitoba
Mehri, Bahman Sharif University of Technology
Mitchell, Kevin Simon Fraser University
Muraki, David Simon Fraser University
Pernica, Patricia University of Toronto
Pietrzak, Julie Delft University of Technology
Pogson, Lynn McGill University
Poulin, Francis University of Waterloo
Rowe, Kristopher University of Waterloo
Soontiens, Nancy University of Waterloo
Spyksma, Kyle Redeemer University College
Stastna, Marek University of Waterloo
Steinmoeller, Derek University of Waterloo
Subich, Christopher University of Waterloo
Swaters, Gordon University of Alberta
Tran, Chuong V. University of St Andrews
Ullrich, Paul University of Michigan
Waite, Michael University of Waterloo
Wells, Mathew University of Toronto at Scarborough
Yerubandi, Ram National Water Research Institute
Zhang, Weitao National Water Research Institute


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