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Thematic Program on o-minimal Structures and Real Analytic Geometry

January 12 - 16, 2009
Winter School in o-minimal Geometry

Organized by Matthias Aschenbrenner

Supported by

Confirmed Participants

Updated January 22, 2009

Fullname University/Affiliation
Andrews, Rob (no affiliation)
Andrews, Uri University of California, Berkeley
Aschenbrenner, Matthias University of California, Los Angeles
Bierstone, Edward University of Toronto
Binyamini, Gal Weizmann Institute of Science
Brower, Donald University of Notre Dame
Cotter, Sarah University of Notre Dame
Dinh, Si Tiep LAMA
Drueck, Fred University of Illinois at Chicago
Fischer, Andreas Fields Institute
Freitag, James University of Illinois at Chicago
Grelowski, Krzysztof Jagiellonian University
Gunaydin, Ayhan University of Oxford
Hart, Bradd McMaster University
Haskell, Deirdre McMaster University
Hieronymi, Philipp University of Oxford
Hill, Cameron University of California, Berkeley
Jones, Gareth University of Manchester
Kaiser, Tobias University of Regensburg
Kolutsky, Grisha Lomonosov Moscow State University
Kuhlmann, Salma University of Saskatchewan
Kurdyka, Krzysztof Université de Savoie
Le Gal, Olivier University of Toronto
Marikova, Jana McMaster University
Martín Villaverde, Rafael University of Bourgogne, France
Matusinski, Mickaël University of Saskatchewan
Mazin, Mikhail University of Toronto
Miller, Christopher L. Ohio State University
Novikov, Dmitry Weizmann Institute of Science
Orser, Brenda B.I.O. Letha Information Systems Inc.
Pal, Koushik University of California, Berkeley
Penazzi, Davide University of Leeds
Poulios, Georgios University of Notre Dame
Rainer, Armin University of Pisa
Rambaud, Alexandre University Paris 7
Randriambololona, Serge Universite Lyon 1
Reis, Teófilo Universidade de São Paulo
Rennet, Alexander University of California, Berkeley
Sadov, Sergey Memorial University of Newfoundland
Sanz, Fernando University of Valladolid
Simmons, William University of Illinois at Chicago
Speissegger, Patrick McMaster University
Starchenko, Sergei University of Notre Dame
Thomas, Margaret University of Oxford
Tunc, Demirhan University of Notre Dame
Tychonievich, Michael Ohio State University
Valette, Guillaume PAN
van den Dries, Lou University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Warren, Michael University of Ottawa
Wood, Carol Wesleyan University
Yakovenko, Sergei The Weizmann Institute of Science


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