September 23, 2020

Fields Institute Workshop on Nonlinear Wave Dynamics
August 20-22

at Carleton University, Ottawa

.Organizers: David Amundsen, Lucy Campbell (Carleton University)


Nonlinear wave interactions lie at the heart of numerous physical phenomena and the mathematical modelling of these systems has driven the development of a broad and vibrant field of mathematical research. The study of nonlinear wave equations has lead to the development of numerous mathematical techniques including aspects of scattering theory, asymptotic expansions, perturbation theory, as well as substantial advances in numerical simulation methods for wave propagation. This workshop will bring together researchers with expertise both in the numerical and analytic aspects of nonlinear wave problems and provide opportunity for students and other researchers to share in the latest developments in these areas.

The format of the workshop will be 4 short courses each consisting of 3-4 hours of lectures over 3 days. Students and other researchers will be invited to present their work as short lectures.

Invited Speakers:

Triantaphyllos R. Akylas, Dept of Mechanical Engineering, MIT
Simon Clarke, School of Mathematical Sciences, Monash University, Australia.
Gordon Swaters, Dept of Mathematical and Statistical Sciences, University of Alberta.
Jianke Yang, Department of Mathematics and Statistics, University of Vermont.

Registered Participants as of August 15, 2008

Fullname University Name
Abou Salem, Walid University of Toronto
Akbar, Tanvir Institute mecanique des fluides et des solides
Akylas, Triantaphyllos R. Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Amundsen, David E. Carleton University
Azimian, Amin Islamic Azad University
Bains, Amandeep Singh Guru Nanak Dev University
Bani-Yaghoub, Majid Carleton University
Bui, Anh SUNY at Buffalo
Campbell, Lucy Carleton University
Cho, Yeunwoo Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Clark, Heather University of Alberta
Clarke, Simon Monash University
Covic, Anton Carleton University
Dorostkar, Abbas Queen's University
Dosser, Hayley University of Alberta
Druecke, Ben Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Goldak, John Carleton University
Guo, Pengtuan Carleton University
Hariton, Alexander Université de Montréal
Hwang, Guenbo State University of New York at Buffalo
Jabbar, Haidar Anna University
Khan, Waseem Asghar CIIT Islamabad
Kofiani, Kirki Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Ma, Yiping University of California, Berkeley
McLaren, Alex University of Ottawa
Munz, Philip Carleton University
Murphy, Mitch Carleton University
Nikitina, Lidia Carleton University
Oliveras, Katie University of Washington
Rowe, Kristopher University of Waterloo
Sakovich, Anton McMaster University
Shirokoff, David Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Swaters, Gordon University of Alberta
Victor, Nijimbere Carleton University
Wang, Danhua State University of New York at Buffalo
Yang, Jianke University of Vermont
To Be Confirmed
Bora, Swaroop Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati
Gavrilyuk, Sergey University Aix-Marseille, IUSTI
Ibrahim, Slim Arizona State University
Lorin, Emmanuel UOIT