April 24, 2018

September 18-20, 2008
Conference on Non-linear Phenomena in Mathematical Physics:
Dedicated to Cathleen Synge Morawetz
on her 85th birthday

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Event Photos with thanks to
Nedyu Popivanov and Fields staff

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Claude Bardos

Barbara Keyfitz


Kevin Payne

Walter Strauss


Constantine Dafermos

Peter Lax and Cathleen Morawetz

Louis Nirenberg

Irene Gamba

Irene Gamba & Daniela Lupo

Susan Friedlander

Daniela Lupo & Louis Nirenberg

Irene Gamba & Cathleen Morawetz

At the Banquet

At the Banquet

At the Banquet

Cathleen Morawetz & Family

Birthday Celebration

Birthday Celebration



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