June  7, 2023

International Conference on Infinite Dimensional Dynamical Systems
York University, Toronto
Sept. 24-28, 2008

This conference will also be dedicated to
Professor George Sell on the occasion of his 70th birthday

John Mallet-Paret, Brown University
Jianhong Wu, York University

Yingfei Yi, Georgia Institute of Technology
Huaiping Zhu, (Contact Person) York University


A number of evolutionary equations, arising from problems in physical and life sciences, generate systems whose status in infinite dimensional phase spaces evolves in time. The study of the long-term behaviors of such systems is important in understand the system's spatio-temporal pattern formation and global continuation, and has been among major sources of motivation and applications of new development of nonlinear analysis and other mathematical theories.

This Conference will focus on recent advances that address the common features and distinctions in those infinite dimensional dynamical systems generated by parabolic partial differential equations, hyperbolic partial differential equations, solitary equations, lattice differential equations, delay differential equations, and stochastic differential equations.

The Conference will take place at Schulich Executive Learning Centre, York University, Keele Campus

Invited Speakers


Jacques Belair, Montreal,
Arno Berger, Alberta,
Sue Ann Campbell, Waterloo
Walter Craig, McMaster
Barbara Lee Keyfitz, Fields Institute
Michael Li, University of Alberta
Mike Mackey, McGill
James Muldowney, Alberta,
Mary Pugh, Toronto*
Gail Wolkowicz, McMaster
Xiaoqiang Zhao, Newfoundland
Xingfu Zou, Western Ontario


Ludwig Arnold, Bremen*
Peter Bates, Michigan State
Shui-Nee Chow, Georgia Tech
Chris Cosner, Miami
Teresa Faria, Lisbon
Susan Friedlander, UIC
Martin Golubitsky, Mathematical Biosciences Institute, Ohio State University
Stephen Gourley , Surrey
Jack Hale, Georgia Tech.
Wenzhang Huang, Alabama
Luan Hoang, Minnesota
Michael Jolly, Indiana
Tibor Krisztin, Szeged
Bernhard Lani-Wayda, Giessen
Marta Lewicka, Minnesota
Xiao-Biao Lin, North Carolina
Weishi Liu, Kansas
Kening Lu, Birminghan Young
Hiroshi Matano, Tokyo
Konstantin Mischaikow, Rutgers

Carmen Nunez, Valladolid
Roger D. Nussbaum,Rutgers
Rafael Obaya, Valladolid
Kenneth Palmer, Taiwan
Victor Pliss, St. Petersberg*
Peter Polacik, Minnesota
Genevieve Raugel, Paris de Sud.
Shigui Ruan, Miami
Robert Sacker, USC
Arnd Scheel, Minnesota
Steve Schecter, North Carolina State
Wenxian Shen, Auburn
Stefan Siegmund, Dresden University of Technology
Hal Smith, Arizona State
Horst Thieme, Arizona State
Hans-otto Walther, Giessen
Chongchun Zeng, Georgia Tech.

*not confirmed


There are plans to publish a proceedings volume in the AMS-Fields Communications Series.


Day 0. Sept. 23: 14:00-18:00 Information/registration
Executive Learning Centre
Schulich School of Business
Unit 42 on the campus map

Day 1 Sept. 24 8:30-12:10, 2:00-6:40
Founders Assembly Hall 152
Unit 50 on the campus map

Light Reception: 7:00 at Executive Learning Centre
Schulich School of Business.
Unit 42 on the campus map

Day 2. Sept. 25 8:30-12:10, 2:00-6:40
Founders Assembly Hall 152
Unit 50 on the campus map

Day 3. Sept. 26, Friday 8:30-12:10, 2:00-6:40
Senate Chamber, 9th floor, Ross Building
Unit 28 on the campus map

Day 4. Sept. 27, Saturday, 8:30-12:10, 2:00-6:40
Executive Learning Center
Unit 42 on the campus map

Day 5. Sept. 28, Sunday
Executive Learning Center
Unit 42 on the campus map

Participant List as of September 19, 2008

Fullname University Name
Bates, Peter Michigan State University
Belair, Jacques Université de Montréal
Berger, Arno University of Alberta
Buono, Pietro-Luciano University of Ontario Institute of Technology
Campbell, Sue Ann University of Waterloo
Carvalho, Alexandre Universidade de São Paulo
Chen, Yuming WilFrid Laurier University
Chow, Shui-Nee Georgia Institute of Technology
Collera, Juancho Queen's University
Cosner, Chris University of Miami
Craig, Walter McMaster University
deBoer, Rebecca University of Alberta
Eberl, Hermann J. University of Guelph
Fan, Guihong McMaster University
Fan, Meng Northeast Normal University
Faria, Teresa Universidade de Lisboa
Friedlander, Susan University of Southern California
Gao, Hongjun Nanjing Normal University
Golubitsky, Martin Mathematical Biosciences Institute, Ohio State University
Gourley, Stephen University of Surrey
Hoang, Luan Thach University of Minnesota
Hoffman, Aaron Boston University
Hu, Qingwen University of Western Ontario
Huang, Wenzhang University of Alabama in Huntsville
Imran, Mudassar McMaster University
Jolly, Michael Indiana University
Keyfitz, Barbara University of Houston and Fields Institute
Krisztin, Tibor University of Szeged
Labibi, Batool K. N. Toosi University of Technology
Lani-Wayda, Bernhard JLU Gießen
Lewicka, Marta University of Minnesota
Li, Michael University of Alberta
Liang, Xing University of Tokyo
Lin, Xiao-Biao North Carolina State University
Liu, Weishi University of Kansas
Lu, Kening Brigham Young University
Mackey, Michael C. McGill University
Magal, Pierre University of Le Havre
Mallet-Paret, John Brown University
Matano, Hiroshi University of Tokyo
McCluskey, Connell Wilfrid Laurier University
Mischaikow, Konstantin Rutgers University
Muldowney, James University of Alberta
Núñez, Carmen Universidad de Valladolid
Nussbaum, Roger D. Rutgers University
Obaya, Rafael Universidad de Valladolid
Oliva, Sérgio Universidade de São Paulo
Ou, Chunhua Memorial University of Newfoundland
Palmer, Kenneth National Taiwan University
Poetzsche, Christian Munich University of Technology
Polacik, Peter University of Minnesota
Qesmi, Redouane York University
Raugel, Geneviéve Université Paris-Sud 11
Reynolds, Patrick Queen's University
Rodrigues, Hildebrando Icmc-Universidade de Sao Paulo
Ruan, Shigui University of Miami
Sacker, Robert University of Southern California
Schecter, Steve North Carolina State University
Scheel, Arnd University of Minnesota
Sell, George R. University of Minnesota
Shen, Wenxian Auburn University
Shuai, Zhisheng University of Alberta
Siegmund, Stefan Dresden University of Technology
Smith, Hal Arizona State University
Stumpf, Eugen University of Hamburg
Thieme, Horst Arizona State University
Vorotnikov, Dmitry Voronezh State University
Walther, Hans-Otto Universität Giessen
Wang, Qian University of Alberta
Wolkowicz, Gail McMaster University
Wruck, Philipp University of Hamburg
Wu, Jianhong York University
Yi, Yingfei Georgia Institute of Technology
You, Yuncheng University of South Florida
Zeng, Chongchun Georgia Institute of Technology
Zhao, Xiaoqiang Memorial University of Newfoundland
Zhu, Huaiping York University
Zou, Xingfu University of Western Ontario
To Be Confirmed
Arnold, Ludwig University of Bremen
Pliss, Victor St. Petersburg State University
Pugh, Mary C. University of Toronto
Mansur, Abdalla Queen's University
Abdallah, Bari (no affiliation)
Moyo, Sibusiso Durban University of Technology