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June 1-5, 2009
Workshop on Cocliques and Colourings

Travel Resources

Flying to Waterloo:
Depending on your airline, you can choose between arriving at Toronto Pearson International Airport, 75km from Waterloo, or at the Waterloo International Airport.

Flying to Pearson International Aiport website:

Driving to Waterloo: From the airport you will need to drive to Waterloo. You may rent a car (see driving directions below) or use a shuttle service.

Shuttle to Waterloo: The shuttle service is provided by Airways transit
You can find their desks in terminals one and three of Pearson Airport. You must make a reservation so that they expect you. Rate is approx. $72.00 one way. Please see their website for more information.
Please note that the shuttle service will insist on delivering you to the airport at the recommended time: 90 minutes before departure for flights within Canada and 2hr for flights to the US. Consequently, you might have to leave Waterloo well ahead of your departure time (3-4 hours, depending also on traffic on Highway 401).

Flying to Waterloo International Airport

This is a more convenient option as you do not have to wait for a shuttle. The website of the aiprort is: A list of taxi companies is available at:
The cost of a taxi fare to the university will be about $35.


A list of taxi companies is available at

Driving to the University of Waterloo:

From the 401, exit on Highway 8 West to Kitchener-Waterloo. Continue on Highway 8 West until you reach Highway 7 East/ Highway 85 North to Waterloo (two exit lanes on the right side). Once on road 7 East/85 North, change lanes to the left so that you will be on the 85 North to Waterloo North. Continue on 85 North until you reach University Avenue WEST (take WEST, not EAST). Drive on University Avenue West until you reach the University of Waterloo (will be on your right hand side). Parking is available for visitors on the Seagram lot: at the lights in front of the main entrance of the University of Waterloo (South entrance), turn left on Seagram Drive. The visitor parking is on your left. You need $3 in coins to enter the lot.

Other convenient choices for parking are N and W lots. Please see the website for more details. The workshop will held in the Davis Center (denoted by DC on the map)

Directions on Waterloo campus
Please use the campus map available at

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