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Math-in-Medicine Study Group
Biomedical Problems Solving Workshop,
Medical Sciences Buiilding, Room 3171 (MS on map)
University of Toronto
June 22-26, 2009

C. Breward (Oxford), C.S. Bohun (UOIT), H. Huang (York),
N. Nigam (Simon Fraser), D. Schwendeman (RPI), S. Sivaloganathan (Waterloo),
B.S. Tilley (Olin College of Engineering),
J.F. Williams (Simon Fraser)

What the workshop is about:

The objectives of the workshop are four-fold: to introduce mathematicians and modelers to problems arising in medical science; to effectively aid practioners and researcher in medicine exploit current mathematical tools; to train a new generation of mathematicians in problem-solving, and to provide a natural opportunity for long-term research collaborations to develop in an interdisciplinary setting.

The format of the workshop will be along the lines of the well-established Study Groups at Oxford. On the first morning of the workshop, researchers in medicine will present technical problems of interest to them. We envision a total of 5 distinct problems. The academics will then divide into teams of 6-8 people, to work on these problems for the next three and a half days. On the final day of the workshop, progress on these problems will be reported, and a report on these activities will be prepared subsequently.


MITACS leads Canada's effort in the generation, application and commercialization of new mathematical tools and methodologies within a world-class research program. The network initiates and fosters linkages with industrial, governmental, and not-for-profit organizations that require mathematical technologies to deal with problems of strategic importance to Canada.

MITACS helps link academia, industry and the public sector, with a view to developing cutting edge mathematical tools vital to a knowledge-based economy. It sponsors research partnerships, industrial interchanges, workshops, and training programs.

Final Participant List

Fullname University/Affiliation
Al-Zoughool, Mustafa University of Ottawa
Anvari, Vahid York University
Arciero, Julia University of Pittsburgh
Aruliah, Dhavide University of Ontario Institute of Technology
Atapour, Mahshid York University
Azari Rad, Solmaz University of Toronto
Barralet, Jake McGill University
Bassett, Dave McGill University
Begg, Ronald University of Waterloo
Bohun, Sean University of Ontario Institute of Technology
Bourouiba, Lydia York University
Breward, Chris University of Oxford
Buono, Pietro-Luciano University of Ontario Institute of Technology
Caudillo Mata, Luz Angélica Center for the Mathematical Research (CIMAT)
Cerezo, Richard University of Toronto
Collinson, Shannon York University
Davoudi, Jahanshah University of Toronto
Donaldson, Roger Simon Fraser University
Drapaca, Corina Pennsylvania State University
Droumeva, Radina Simon Fraser University
Duvvuri, Venkata York University
ElSaadany, Susie Public Health Agency of Canada
Ferguson, Katie University of Waterloo
Ghaffari, Hamid Reza University of Toronto
Griffiths, Ian University of Oxford
Guo, Hongbin York University
Heffernan, Jane York University
Hennessy, Matt University of Ontario Institute of Technology
Huang, Huaxiong York University
Jessop, Raluca University of Waterloo
Johnson, Angella University of Southern California
Johnston, Miles Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre
Kloostermann, Matt University of Ontario Institute of Technology
Kohandel, Mohammad University of Waterloo
Komarova, Svetlana McGill University
Langford, William University of Guelph
Lewis, Gregory University of Ontario Institute of Technology
López, Monserratt McGill University
Lynch, Michael MITACS Inc.
Madras, Neal York University
Miasnikof, Peter University of Toronto
Miura, Robert M. New Jersey Institute of Technology
Morfin Ramírez, Mario University of Toronto
Naire, Shailesh Keele University
Nigam, Nilima McGill University
Orser, Brenda B.I.O. Letha Information Systems, Inc.
Pan, Adam University of Toronto
Phillips, Joel McGill University
Pourziaei, Bobby York University
Pugh, Mary C. University of Toronto
Qazi, Sanjive Gustavus Adolphus College
Rababah, Abedallah Jordan University of Science and Technology
Ramirez Ramirez, Lilia University of Waterloo
Raymond, Christopher University of Delaware
Rezvani, Nargol University of Toronto
Sanchez, Antonio University of Waterloo
Sanchez-Bravo, Ivete Center for the Mathematical Research (CIMAT)
Schwendeman, Donald Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
Sherk, Trevor UOIT
Siggers, Jennifer Imperial College London
Sivaloganathan, Sivabal University of Waterloo
Takeva-Velkova, Viliyana University of Ontario Institute of Technology
Tan, Yongji Fudan University
Tilley, Burt S. Franklin W. Olin College of Engineering
Tindall, Marcus University of Reading
Vrscay, Edward R. University of Waterloo
Waikar, Sushrut Brigham and Women's Hospital, Harvard Medical School
Wall, David University of Canterbury
Wattis, Jonathan University of Nottingham
Whiteley, Jonathan University of Oxford
Whittaker, Robert J. University of Oxford Mathematical Institute
Wilkie, Kathleen University of Waterloo
Williams, JF Simon Fraser University
Wright, Thomas Hospital for Sick Children
Yao, Wei York University



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