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May 12-16, 2008
Fields Institute Workshops on Topological Methods in Algebra, Analysis and Dynamical Systems
Nipissing University, North Bay.

Organizing Committee
Supported by
Nikolay Brodskiy (Univ. of Tennessee, Knoxville)
John C. Mayer (Univ. of Alabama, Birmingham)
Vladimir Pestov (Univ of Ottawa)
Alexandre Karasev (Nipissing Univ.)
Murat Tuncali (Nipissing Univ.)
Vesko Valov (Nipissing Univ.)

The series of workshops is the 6th in the sequence of annual workshops traditionally held in the month of May at Nipissing University. Among our speakers, we expect to have a number of prominent mathematicians from Canada, USA and abroad. In the past, the topics of workshops were clustered primarily around General and Geometric Topology and related areas. We plan to have a broader range of topics covered during the proposed workshops. The main theme of the workshops will be in the areas where Topology, Algebra, Analysis and Dynamical Systems intersect.

The workshop will be for five days. There will be three one-hour talks each day. Some of the speakers will give a series of lectures and some may give only one lecture. However, the format of the workshops is designed to maximize the interaction among the participants beyond the lectures.

Analysis, Topological Groups and Algebras
Topics may include:
-Ranks of C*-algebras - a problem of defining dimension of a C*-algebra
-Algebras of Functions on Compacta - relations between algebraic properties of the algebra of continuous functions on compactum and topological and dimensional properties of underlying compactum
-Harmonic Analysis on non-locally compact groups
-Random matrices and free probability
-Amenable Equivalence Relations and their full groups
-*Complex Dynamics and Topology*/ /- Julia sets for complex rational maps

Invited speakers

Benoit Collins (University of Ottawa)
Robert L. Devaney (Boston University)
Jane M. Hawkins (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill)
Kazuhiro Kawamura (Tsukuba University, Japan)
Judy Kennedy (Lamar University,USA)
Gabor Lukacs (University of Manitoba)
Matthias Neufang (Carleton University)
Lex Oversteegen (University of Alabama-Birmingham)
Vladimir Uspenskij (Ohio University, Athens)

Participant List

Fullname University Name
Barry, Brandon University of Birmingham
Bond, William University of Alabama at Birmingham
Boronski, Jan Auburn University
Brian, Will Baylor University
Brodskiy, Nikolay University of Tennessee
Burkhead, Emily Meredith College
Collins, Benoît University of Ottawa
Curry, Clinton University of Alabama at Birmingham
Darras, Mohammed University of Ottawa
Devaney, Robert L. Boston University
Dobrowolski, Tadeusz Pittsburg State University
Fan, Lingling Memorial University of Newfoundland
Hawkins, Jane M. University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Hoehn, Logan University of Toronto
Houghton, Jeffrey University of Alabama at Birmingham
Karassev, Alexandre V. Nipissing University
Kawamura, Kazuhiro University of Tsukuba
Kennedy, Judy Lamar University
Laarakker, Avra Acadia Univeristy
Lukács, Gábor University of Manitoba
Masaros, America University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee
May, Natasha York University
Mayer, John University of Alabama at Birmingham
Meddaugh, Jonathan Tulane University
Mimbs, Debra University of Alabama at Birmingham
Mouron, Christopher Rhodes College
Oversteegen, Lex University of Alabama at Birmingham
Pestov, Vladimir University of Ottawa
Poulin, Denis Carleton University
Ptacek, Ross University of Alabama at Birmingham
Russell, Elizabeth Boston University
Saad, Nadia University of Ottawa
Stasyuk, Ihor University of Saskatchewan
Tavakoli, Kourosh Fordham University
Tuncali, Murat Nipissing University
Uspenskij, Vladimir V. Ohio University
Valov, Vesko Nipissing University
Williams, Brian Baylor University
Yeniaras, Esra University of Wisconsin-Madison
To Be Confirmed
Bauer, Christa Lamar University
Hattab, Hawete I.S.I.M Sfax
Montgomery, Jason Lamar University
Neufang, Matthias Carleton University
Vernon, Patrick Rhodes College


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