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January 14-17, 2008.
Conference on Mathematical Physics and Geometric Analysis
at the Fields Institute,Toronto
Audio and slides from talks

Tara Holm (tsh(AT)
Yael Karshon (karshon(AT)

Eckhard Meinrenken (mein(AT)
Chris Woodward (ctw(AT)

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The conference aims to include a variety of topics of interest in mathematical physics, including symplectic geometry, microlocal analysis, representation theory, and theoretical physics. The conference is organized around two short series of lectures to be presented by Victor Guillemin and by Shlomo Sternberg.

Invited Speakers

Anton Alekseev (Geneva)
Denis Auroux (MIT)
Hans Duistermaat (Utrecht)
Marco Gualtieri (MIT)
Victor Guillemin (MIT)
Tamas Hausel (Oxford)

Richard Melrose (MIT)
Alejandro Uribe (Michigan)
Shlomo Sternberg (Harvard)
Reyer Sjamaar (Cornell)
Susan Tolman (UIUC)
Steve Zelditch (Johns Hopkins)

Schedule Audio and slides from talks

Monday January 14, 2008
Reyer Sjamaar
Shlomo Sternberg
Marco Gualtieri
4:00--5:00 Steve Zelditch
Tuesday January 15, 2008
Hans Duistermaat
Shlomo Sternberg
Tamas Hausel
4:00--5:00 Susan Tolman
  * Banquet *
Wednesday January 16, 2008
Victor Guillemin
Shlomo Sternberg
Anton Alekseev
4:00--5:00 Alejandro Uribe
Thursday January 17, 2008
Victor Guillemin
Richard Melrose
11:30-12:30 Denis Auroux

Participant List

Fullname University Name
Alekseev, Anton University of Geneva
Askaripour, Nadya University of Western Ontario
Auroux, Denis Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Bailey, Michael University of Toronto
Belk, Marisa Cornell University
Canez, Santiago University of California, Berkeley
Chen, Qingtao University of California, Berkeley
Christianson, Hans Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Cox, Graham Duke University
Cushman, Richard  
Datchev, Kiril University of California, Berkeley
De Baerdemacker, Stijn University of Toronto
Duistermaat, Johannes J. Utrecht University
Eshmatov, Alimjon Cornell University
Fitzpatrick, Sean University of Toronto
Fok, Chi-Kwong Cornell University
Foth, Tatyana University of Western Ontario
Franz, Matthias  
Fuchs, Shay University of Toronto
Gao, Peng University of Toronto
Goldin, Gerald Rutgers University
Goldin, Rebecca George Mason University
Golubitsky, Martin University of Houston
Gonzalez, Eduardo Rutgers University
Gracia-Saz, Alfonso University of Toronto
Gualtieri, Marco Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Guillemin, Victor Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Hamilton, Mark University of Calgary
Harada, Megumi McMaster University
Hausel, Tamás Oxford University
Hernandez-Duenas, Gerardo University of Michigan
Holm, Tara Cornell University
Jeffrey, Lisa University of Toronto
Karshon, Yael University of Toronto
Kim, Jin Hong KAIST
Klein, David University of Toronto
Landweber, Gregory Bard College
Lee, Brian University of Toronto
Leung, Ho Hon Cornell University
Lin, Yi University of Toronto
Martens, Johan University of Toronto
Matsumura, Tomoo Max-Planck Institute for Mathematics
McLellan, Brendan University of Toronto
Meinrenken, Eckhard University of Toronto
Melrose, Richard B. Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Mestdag, Tom University of Michigan
Miranda, Eva Universitat Autňnoma de Barcelona
Muller, Gregory Cornell University
Nomura, Hitomi University of Hawaii at Manoa
Paycha, Sylvie Unievrsite Blaise Pascal
Pelayo, Alvaro Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Pires, Ana Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Rochon, Frédéric University of Toronto
Schmah, Tanya University of Toronto
Schmitz, Phillip University of Texas at Austin
Seyfaddini, Sobhan University of California, Berkeley
Sharma, Bhanui  
Shevchishin, Vsevolod Bonn University
Sjamaar, Reyer Cornell University
Smith, Kathleen University of Toronto
Sniatycki, Jedrzej University of Calgary
Sternberg, Shlomo Harvard University
Stoica, Cristina Wilfrid Laurier University
Streets, Jeffrey Princeton University
Talvacchia, Janet Swarthmore College
Tanaka, Yuuji Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Tolman, Susan University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Uren, James University of Toronto
Uribe, Alejandro University of Michigan
Vacaru, Sergiu Fields Institute
Wang, Zuoqin Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Woodward, Christopher Rutgers University
Yoshida, Takahiko University of Tokyo
Zara, Catalin University of Massachusetts Boston
Zelditch, Steve Johns Hopkins University
Zoghi, Masrour University of Toronto

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