April 23, 2024

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Quantum Information (QI) and Quantum Control (QC) are both hot topics with promising, yet mostly unexplored overlap. This conference will bring together physicists, chemists, computer scientists, and mathematicians to discuss the current status of the two fields and present important recent developments.
This is the sequel to the highly successful 2004 CQIQC meeting.
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Confirmed participants as of September 10, 2006

Fullname University/Affiliation
Adamson, Robert University of Toronto
Al-Qasimi, Asma University of Toronto
Alsing, Paul Air Force Research Laboratory
Amitay, Zohar Technion - Israel Institute of Technology
Arango, Carlos University of Toronto
Averbukh, Ilya Weizmann Institute of Science
Babikov, Dmitri Marquette University
Bergmann, Klaas Technische Universität Kaiserslautern
Bharioke, Arjun University of Toronto
Blume-Kohout, Robin California Institute of Technology
Brennen, Gavin Universität Innsbruck
Brumer, Paul University of Toronto
Brun, Todd University of Southern California
Cable, Hugo Louisiana State University
Carlini, Alberto Tokyo Institute of Technology
Carteret, Hilary University of Calgary
Chen, Christine University of Toronto
Chruscinski, Dariusz Nicolaus Copernicus University
Cleve, Richard University of Waterloo
Coish, Bill University of Basel
Curty, Marcos University of Toronto
Dutt, M.V Gurudev Harvard University
Emerson, Joseph University of Waterloo
Fortescue, Benjamin University of Toronto
Franco, Ignacio University of Toronto
Fujiwara, Mikio National Institute of Information and Communications Technology
Fung, Chi-Hang Fred University of Toronto
Gerber, Gustav University of Wuerzburg
Gottesman, Daniel Perimeter Institute
Habib, Salman Los Alamos National Laboratory
Häffner, Hartmut Universität Innsbruck
Helmy, Amr University of Toronto
Hicke, Christian Michigan State University
Ho, Anna University of Toronto
Hotta, Masahiro Tohoku University
Houck, Andrew Yale University
Howell, John University of Rochester
Hughes, Richard Los Alamos National Laboratory
James, Daniel University of Toronto
Khalid, Omar McGill University
Khasin, Michael Hebrew University
Kiesel, Nikolai LMU München
Kitagawa, Akira National Institute of Information and Communications Technology
Kwiat, Paul University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Leibscher, Monika Freie Universität Berlin
Leporini, Roberto Università degli Studi di Bergamo
Leung, Debbie Wunchi University of Waterloo
Lo, Hoi-Kwong University of Toronto
Lutkenhaus, Norbert University of Waterloo
Ma, Xiongfeng University of Toronto
Merkel, Seth University of New Mexico
Mitchell, Morgan Institute of Photonic Sciences, Barcelona
Mohseni, Masoud University of Toronto
Nam, Sae Woo National Institute for Standards and Technology, Quantum Devices Group
Nastos, Fred University of Toronto
Ota, Yukihiro Waseda University
Ozdemir, Sahin Osaka University
Partlow, Matthew University of Toronto
Perez Torres, Juan ICFO
Puelma Touzel, Max University of Toronto
Qi, Bing University of Toronto
Raussendorf, Robert Perimeter Institute
Rebentrost, Patrick University of Waterloo
Shalm, Krister University of Toronto
Shapiro, Evgeny University of British Columbia
Shapiro, Moshe University of British Columbia
Shimizu, Kaoru NTT Basic Research Laboratories
Sipe, John University of Toronto
Smirnova, Olga NRC
Sood, Neeraj Univeristy of Toronto
Spanner, Michael University of Toronto
Steinberg, Aephraim M. University of Toronto
Tafliovich, Anya University of Toronto
Tamaki, Kiyoshi Perimeter Institute
Terhal, Barbara IBM Watson
Terno, Daniel Perimeter Institute
Tian, Lin NIST
van Driel, Henry University of Toronto
Virk, Kuljit University of Toronto
Wakui, Kentaro National Institute of Information and Communications Technology
Wei, John University of Toronto
Weinfurter, Harald University of Munich
White, Andrew University of Queensland
Wilhelm, Frank University of Waterloo
Wu, Shengjun University of Science and Technology of China
Yablonovitch, Eli University of California Los Angeles
Yamamoto, Takashi Osaka University
Zhuang, Chao University of Toronto