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September 21-24, 2005
Fields Institute Workshop on Jordan Algebras and Related Fields
University of Ottawa

Erhard Neher
and Michel Racine , University of Ottawa

University of Ottawa

The workshop will bring together the leading experts in the theory of Jordan structures (Jordan algebras, Jordan triple systems and Jordan pairs) and researchers from other areas for which Jordan structures play a pivotal role. Its aim is to present some of the many recent advances in the theory of Jordan structures and their applications, to stimulate future work on the outstanding problems in Jordan structures and to foster the interaction between all researchers interested in Jordan theory.

The workshop will feature a lecture series by Efim Zelmanov and, in addition, talks by invited speakers. The number of talks is limited, in order to give enough time for informal discussions.

Invited Speakers:

T. Cortés (Oviedo)
A. Elduque (Zaragoza)
J. Faulkner (Virginia)
E. Garcia (Madrid)
S. Garibaldi (Emory)
S. Krutelevich (Ottawa)
O. Loos (Innsbruck)
C. Martinez (Oviedo)
K. McCrimmon (Virginia)
H. Petersson (Hagen)
I. Shestakov (São Paulo)
U. Stenger (Hagen)
Y. Yoshii (North Dakota State)
E. Zelmanov (UC, San Diego).

Support for graduate students and postdoctoral fellows:
There are limited funds available for graduate students and postdoctoral fellows. Funding deadline for applications is now passed.

Contact: gensci(PUT_AT_SIGN_HERE)

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