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Workshop on Modeling the Rapid Evolution of Infectious Diseases:
Epidemiology and Treatment Strategies
May 14-17, 2005

University of Western Ontario, London, Ontario

Supported by National Science Foundation

Lindi Wahl, Applied Mathematics, University of Western Ontario
Glenn Webb, Department of Mathematics, Vanderbilt University
Xingfu Zou, Applied Mathematics, University of Western Ontario

Confirmed Guest Speakers
Troy Day (Queens)
David Earn (McMaster)
Zhilan Feng (Purdue)
Fabio Milner (Purdue)

Patrick Nelson (Univ. Michigan)
Robert Smith (UCLA)
Pauline van den Driessche (Victoria)
Hulin Wu (Rochester)
Jianhong Wu (York)

The workshop will focus on incorporating the evolution of pathogenic microbes into models of infectious disease. Although the epidemiology of, and treatment strategies against infectious disease are fairly mature areas in mathematical biology, the concurrent evolution of the pathogen has only recently been addressed in these models. Since microbial evolution occurs on a timescale of weeks or even days, it is critical that we recognize this "moving target" in our models.

With invited presentations and informal discussion times, we hope to address and instigate research work which incorporates pathogenic evolution into standard models of epidemiology and drug therapy. In particular, we plan to address issues of current public health concern, including:

  • treatment strategies for HIV
  • epidemiology of tuberculosis
  • influenza
  • antiviral drug resistance

There is a $40 registration fee, which will be waived for students and post-doctoral fellows. There will be a poster session for those who would like to present their work in an informal setting, please indicate if you will be submitting a poster and the title of the poster when registering .

Students and PDFs are encouraged to attend and funding is available to defer travel expenses. Apply here

Tentative Schedule: the event will run Saturday evening until Tuesday afternoon.

The scientific sessions will be held in the Kresge Building, room 203.
Both Middlesex and Kresge are shown on the campus map. Middlesex is just west of the river, and Kresge is a small building in the middle of campus, next to Natural Sciences. Essex Hall (lower left) and Windermere Manor (upper left) are also visible on this map.

Driving directions can be found here:
A clickable parking map can be found here; summer parking is available for $4 coin entry in the Medway, Springett and Huron Flats lots:

Saturday: The reception Saturday evening will be held at the"Grad Club", which is on the ground floor at the back (east side) of Middlesex College.
7:00- 9:00pm
reception, introductions.
Sunday: Kresge Building, room 203.
Jianhong Wu
Lessons Learned from SARS and the 1918 Influenza Pandemic about the Age of Infection: Its Critical Role and Modeling
questions, open discussion
11:30- 1:00pm
1:00- 2:00pm
Pauline van den Driessche
Patch Models for Disease Spread
2:00- 2:30pm
questions, open discussion
2:30- 3:00pm
coffee break
3:00- 4:00pm
Fabio Milner
What is missing in TB modeling?
4:00- 4:30pm
questions, open discussion
Monday: Kresge Building, room 203.
Patrick Nelson
Back to the basics to improve our ability to model infectious diseases


questions, open discussion
coffee break
Hulin Wu
Can We Model/Simulate AIDS Clinical Trials and Predict Its Outcomes?
questions, open discussion
12:30- 1:30pm:
1:30- 2:30pm
Robert Smith - The epidemiological impact of low efficacy HIV prevention methods.
2:30- 3:00pm
questions, open discussion
3:00- 4:30pm
poster session
Tuesday Kresge Building, room 203.
Zhilan Feng
Dynamics of two-strain influenza with isolation and partial immunity
questions, open discussion
coffee break
Troy Day
The Evolution of Endemic and pandemic Influenza
questions, open discussion

12:30- 1:30pm

1:30- 2:30pm
David Earn
Emerging infectious diseases: ecology, evolution and control
2:30- 3:00pm
questions, open discussion


1. Essex Hall
on campus. Indicate you are with the "math-biology workshop" when booking. Valid before April 14.

2. Windermere Manor
close to campus. Indicate you are with the "math-biology workshop" when booking. Valid before April 14.

3. Station Park Inn
close to downtown. Indicate you are with the "math-biology workshop" when booking. Valid before April 14.

For more information contact gensci(PUT_AT_SIGN_HERE)

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