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April 15-16, 2005
Ontario Combinatorics Workshop
held at Fields Institute, Toronto

Organizing Committee:
Bruce Richter and Chris Godsil, (Waterloo)

The main purpose of the OCW is to encourage graduate students at the various institutions around southern Ontario to become acquainted with each other and to foster an appreciation of the scope of the work being done ``close to home". The main focus of the workshop is 25 minute presentations by graduate students. The Peter Rodney Memorial Book Prize will be awarded for the best presentation by a graduate student.

Invited speakers

Robin Thomas, Georgia Institute of Technology
James Geelen, University of Waterloo
Claude Tardif, Royal Military College


Friday 15 April

9-9:30 Registration
9:30-10:30 Jim Geelen
10:30-11 COFFEE
11-11:30 Babak Farzad
11:30-12 Aidan Roy

12-2 LUNCH

2-3 Claude Tardif
3-3:30 Danny Heap
3:30-4 Andrew King
4-4:30 COFFEE
4:30-5 Shengjun Pan
5-5:30 Richard Krueger

Saturday 16 April

9-10 Robin Thomas
10-10:30 COFFEE
10:30-11 Graeme Kemkes
11-11:30 Karen Meagher
11:30-12 Hamad Hatami

12-2 LUNCH

2-2:30 Lap Chi
2:30-3 Karel Casteels
3-3:30 COFFEE
3:30-4 Harold Connamacher

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