June 20, 2018

Shape Optimisation and Applications Workshop
supported by the University of Ottawa and The Fields Institute
held at University of Ottawa,

May 12-14, 2004

Courses & Talks (.PDF, .PS)


Organiser: Arian Novruzi, Department of Mathematics and Statistics,University of Ottawa

Format: 3 days: Mini-courses and short talks.

Invited mini-course lecturers:

Michel Delfour, University of Montreal, Canada
Introduction to shape analysis and optimisation.

Mohammed Masmoudi, University Paul Sabatier, Toulouse, France
Numerical methods for shape optimisation problems. Topological derivatives.

Michel Pierre, Ecole Normale Superieure a Cachan, France
Regularity of optimal domains in shape optimisation problems.

Workshop description

Shape optimisation theory makes an important and interesting discipline of modern Mathematics. It deals with optimisation with respect to the domain of shape functionals that often represent the energy associated with any physical system. Usually, shape functionals depend on any boundary value problem defined in a variable domain and on any geometric functional, typically the perimeter and the measure. There are numerous applications of shape optimisation theory in fluid dynamics, electromagnetism, thermodynamics, imaging and in many other domains.

The workshop will be focused on an introductory to medium level and will cover theoretical and numerical part of shape optimisation theory.

The theoretical part will focus on shape analysis, shape calculus, existence and regularity of optimal shapes. The numerical part will cover shape numerical methods like topological methods and standard methods like shape gradient and Newton methods.

There will also be several presentations bringing different mathematical shape problems and some interesting industrial problems formulated in terms of shape optimisation theory.

Workshop Program

Registration Fee

The advance registration is now closed, registration will be on-site at the Workshop, May 12 from 08:15-09:00 a.m., Montpetit 207 (map)

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