May 26, 2018

Workshop on Arithmetic and Geometry of Higher Dimensional Varieties with Special Emphasis on Calabi-Yau Varities and Mirror Symmetry

January 25-26, 2003
March 22-23

Organized by Stefan Muller-Stach (McMaster) and Noriko Yui (Queen's)

March Program (PDF Format)

January Program

January 25
10:00 am

Stefan Muller-Stach, McMaster University
Deforming algebraic cycles

11:00 am Mike Roth, Queen's University
Rationally connected varieties
12:00-2:30 pm Lunch
2:30 pm James D. Lewis, University of Alberta
K 2 of curves and the Mumford-Manin conjecture
3:30 pm David McKinnon, University of Waterloo, Pure Mathematics
A reduction of the Batyrev-Manin conjecture for Kummer Surfaces
5:00 pm Discussions
6:00 pm Seminar dinner
January 26
10:00 am Xi Chen, University of Alberta
On Hodge-D conjecture for K3 and abelian surfaces
11:00 am Noriko Yui, Queen's University
Update on modularity of Calabi-Yau varieties
Afternoon Discussions

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