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Automorphic Forms Program

Workshop on Automorphic L-functions
May 5-9, 2003
Organizers: H. Kim and R. Murty

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This workshop is part of a six month thematic program on Automorphic Forms at the Fields Institute in the spring of 2003.

The goal of the workshop is to discuss recent progress in areas of automorphic forms, and number theory. There have been many exciting new developments in the theory of automorphic forms recently such as the functoriality of the symmetric cube and symmetric fourth power L-function of a cusp form of GL(2). These have many applications in number theory. This workshop offers a timely opportunity for an analysis of these new developments and their applications to number theory and automorphic forms. We will bring experts in automorphic forms and analytic number theory to study and explore new applications of automorphic forms in analytic number theory, and vice versa.

Workshop Coordinator

Sonia Houle
The Fields Institute
222 College Street
Toronto, Ontario M5T 3J1 Canada
Tel : 416 348 9710 ext 3016
Fax : 416 348 9714


A block of rooms for participants have been arranged the hotels listed below. Please request the Fields Institute rate when booking . Rooms must be reserved before April 4, 2003 to ensure availability. For additional accommodation resources, please see the Fields Housing page

Days Inn (10-15 minutes walk from the Institute)
30 Carleton Street,
Toronto, ON, M5B 2E9
Tel: 416 977-6655
Toll Free 1-800-367-9601 (8:30 am- 6pm)
(approx. $125/night CDN)
Quality Hotel (10-15 minutes walk from the Institute)
280 Bloor Street West
Toronto, ON, M5S 1V8
Tel: (416) 968-0010
Fax: (416) 968-7765
(approx. $115/night CDN)

For more details on the thematic year, see Program Page