June 19, 2018

2001 CRM-Fields Prize Winner
Professor William T. Tutte

Lecture "60 Years in the Nets"
October 25, 2001

The Centre de recherches mathématiques and the Fields Institute are pleased to announce the winner of the CRM-Fields prize for 2001: Professor William T. Tutte from the University of Waterloo.

William T. Tutte is one of the leading experts in graph theory and matroid theory worldwide. He is responsible for some of the most fundamental results in both of these fields; to mention just a couple, in graph theory, he established the fundamental theorems of matching theory, an important branch of combinatorial optimization, and in matroid theory, he characterized regular matroids in terms of excluded minors, one of the deepest results in the field.

Professor Tutte received his education at Cambridge University, graduating with his Ph.D. in 1948. He joined the faculty of the University of Toronto in 1948 and moved to the University of Waterloo in 1962. He was for a long time the editor of the Journal of Combinatorial Theory and is the Honorary Director of the Centre for Applied Cryptographic Research. He is a Fellow of the Royal Societies of London and Canada. The CRM-Fields prize recognizes exceptional achievement in mathematical research conducted primarily in Canada or in affiliation with a Canadian university.

As a CRM-Fields prize winner, Professor Tutte will present a lecture at both Institutes in Fall 2001.