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Summer School in Quantum Information Processing
May 14 - 18, 2001

supported by The Fields Institute, MITACS, Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics and the University of Waterloo


Richard Cleve (Calgary)
Raymond Laflamme (Los Alamos)
Daniel Lidar (Toronto)
Michele Mosca (Waterloo)
Alain Tapp (Waterloo)


The goal of this school is to make the field of quantum computing accessible to a general audience of scientists, including computer scientists who have little familiarity with quantum mechanics, and physicists who have little familiarity with computational and complexity theory. Most (roughly 80%) of the lectures will be at a tutorial level. The lecturers will also overview and discuss some more advanced topics, in particular on Friday May 18th.

Topics to be covered include: 

  • the "basics" of quantum information;
  • quantum algorithms and complexity;
  • fault-tolerant quantum error correction;
  • quantum communication and cryptography; and
  • implementations of quantum information processing.

Lecturers include:

Charles Bennett (IBM)
Gilles Brassard (Montreal)
Richard Cleve (Calgary)
Peter Høyer (Calgary)
Emanuel Knill (Los Alamos)
Raymond Laflamme (Los Alamos)
Daniel Lidar (Toronto)
Michele Mosca (Waterloo)
Michael Nielsen (Queensland)
Peter Shor (AT&T)
Aephraim Steinberg (Toronto)
Alain Tapp (Waterloo)
Barbara Terhal (IBM)
Umesh Vazirani (Berkeley)
John Watrous (Calgary)
Ronald de Wolf (CWI)

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