December  9, 2023
The Fields Undergraduate Network (FUN) includes a series of mathematical talks aimed at undergraduates, and organized into a network involving the local universities. We will be stating with trial run of four events for next year with faculty members as consultants.

Fields Undergraduate Network:
Discrete Mathematics Workshop

July 22, 2011 -- Carleton University
Room 4351 Herzberg Laboratories

Organizers: David Thomson, Michelle Kovesi,
and Richard Cerezo



Aaron Williams, University of Victoria
Civilized Brute Force Algorithms

Wikipedia defines "brute force" in mathematics as follows: A problem solving technique where a series of possible answers are worked out and each possibility is tested for accuracy. In computer science, "brute force" often describes algorithms that consider every possible solution to a given problem. In this talk we discuss how simple combinatorial patterns can be used to speed up brute force algorithms and make them more civilized. Specific problems discussed will include the bin-packing problem, the knapsack problem, the traveling salesman problem, and the stacker-crane problem.
(link to presentation)

Daniel Panario, Carleton University
Practical applications of finite fields

Abstract: TBA

Mateja Sajna, University of Ottawa
Title & Abstract: TBA



Fields Mitacs Undergraduate Research Program Students

Tentative Travel Plans:
VIA Rail for July 22 at 6:40am leaving from Union Station and arriving in Ottawa at 11:24am. From the station taxi's will be ordered to Carleton University approximate cost is $15+ to Carleton.
( Those who are not spending the rest of the weekend in Ottawa may come back on Friday night).

Leave Ottawa Train on July 24 at 17:16 pm and arrive in Toronto at 21:34 pm, taking another set of taxis from the residence to the train station at $15/taxi.

Breakfasts are covered by the residence fee. Students will pay for their own lunches and dinners.

This is being handled by Michelle Kovesi at Carleton.

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