June  5, 2020

September 24, 2005


Fields Institute Mathematics Education Forum
September 24, 2005

Present: John Armitage, Calvin Armstrong, Ed Barbeau, Marcelo Borba, Cathy Bruce, Trish Byers, Cristy Conte, Stewart Craven, Shirley Dalrymple, Gord Doctorow, George Gadanidis, Barbara Graves, Gila Hanna, Bryn Harris, Bradd Hart, Louis Lim, Miroslav Lovric, John Kezys, Donna Kotsopoulos, Cecilia Kutas, Kenning Marchant, Dragana Martinovic, Joyce Mgombelo, Mollie O'Neill, Fred Pulfer, David Poole, Jamie Pyper, Len Rak, Tom Salisbury, Margaret Sinclair(Chair), John Stevenson, Chris Suurtamm, Liisa Suurtamm, Walter Whiteley, Diane Wyman

The meeting convened at 10am

1. Welcome by Margaret Sinclair

- OAME - Stewart Craven announced that the Growing Up Mathematically DVD's and CD's are now available. These are program guides for administrators to work with teachers. They can be purchased for $25.00 each on line and the web site is current. The OAME Conference this year will be at Fanshaw College in May.

- OMCA: Stewart Craven reported that they were busy with Professional Development Planning and they were looking at 11/12 curriculum. They are heading up the Mathematics College Incentive Program and there is a high proportion of math faculty, chairs, and deans.

- CMS Forum Follow-up: Bradd Hart reported that the event was spectacular. Approximately 200 people attended from all provinces and territories and there was a great number of teachers that attended. The Public Lecture by Stephen Lewis was a fantastic event. He delivered a lecture which he felt was important as an advocate to numeracy. Some reports are in and are posted on the website. The otheres will be posted on the web site as they come in.

- OCT Review: Margaret Sinclair stated that the submission was sent to the parties doing the review but that there has been no response other than confirmation that our submission was received.

- Website Redesign: Margaret Sinclair mentioned that the Fields Mathematics Education Website requires some redesigning and she asked for people to volunteer for a committee to come up with a new format for the webpage.

- Walter Whiteley reminded everyone that the Computer Algebra Workshop was in two weeks and that there were spaces still available.

- Margaret Sinclair ask that the list of research articles that she has done be kept up to date. She requested that if anyone knows of any research publications to please forward the citations to her. Margaret also announce that there would be one forum meeting in the new year for Research.

2. Marcello Borba, State University of Sao Paulo:
Humans-with-media and reorganization of mathematical thinking: online distance education and 'face-to-face' problem solving.
Presenation available in PDF format here

The afternoon session was chaired by Walter Whiteley.

3. Shirley Dalrymple presented an overview of the revised planning guides for teachers. The planning guides with the revisions can be found at
Shirley stated that the planning guide for grades 9/10 changed the least. There will be a planning guide for every grade and that the teachers must get the word that these planning guides are available.

4. Walter Whiteley presented an overview of the Curriculum Revisions. He stated that K-10 was in place and that the next review would be in 4 years. The grade 11/12 Curriculum revision time frame was October 14 and November 15.

5. John Kezys stated that the College group is asking for major revisions. He said that in 11U and 11U/C you are able to get credit for both courses where as before you were on able to get credit for one or the other.

Meeting adjourned at 2:00 pm.