June  5, 2020

Math Ed Forum Meeting Minutes

January 27, 2001

Ed Barbeau, Claire Burnett, Stewart Craven, Shirley Dalrymple, Gord Doctorow, Gary Flewelling, Lynda Graham, Ann Kajander, John Kezys, Mary Lou Kestell, Miroslav Lovric, Eric Muller, Pat Rogers, Eugene Silaev, Nathalie Sinclair, Chris Suurtamm, Peter Taylor, Cheryl Turner, Walter Whitely, Diane Wyman,

Regrets: Bill Higginson

Note: New e-mail for Eugene Silaev:

1. 10:30 Eric welcomed the group.

2. Transition From Secondary to Post-Secondary Task Force
- Stewart Craven et al
- haven't met since last meeting / all uni requirements are presently posted on internet (under OUAC) 40 pages / listing old and new curriculum requirements
-he distributed / presented a 2-page precis and walked us through it.
-distributed several other related papers to group (OAME/Judy Crompton/Letter from Task Force to uni. Math department heads
-wide-ranging discussion took place
-Ed wants meeting where U Math Depts folk can hear from/interact with highschool people

3. MDM 4U Mathematics of Data Management
- Shirley Dalrymple / Sandy DiLena et al
- January meeting canceled
- want to have meeting with publishers
-'got to get the word out of what's in there' more universities should be asking for it for many of their programs (eg psych courses)
-perhaps we should be writing to specific departments whose students would benefit from this course (Fields will facilitate this communication.)

4. Mathematics Teacher Education
- Walter Whitely et al
- 2 meetings being planned (first Mar 3), directed at Ontario (secondary) fac eds
- fac eds directed to increase their enrolments ("Shouldn't it be tied to areas of need, ie math/sci/tech?" is Shirley's question.)

5. Symposium on On-Line Courses
- Gary Flewelling et al
- (Al Cuoco ,, directs Centre for Mathematics Education at Education Development CenterCentre (from Ed Barbeaued corp / John Mason
- Open University / See Nathalie for site re interactive course materials)
-hope is that Fields can host a 2-day symposium on the issue in the fall of 2001
-first committee will be held lunch today

6. CMS - Eric Muller / Ed Barbeau
- Bernard Couteau (PQ) winner of annual CMS award - Ed described interesting points related to the Montreal meeting

7. OntCollegeMA-Tom Sutton
- description of Mar 5 meeting

- Stewart Craven
- reported on retreat facilitated by Gary Flewelling

- Stewart Craven
-May 10-12, Scarborough, site of next annual
-100 going to leadership conference in Feb
-Ont Math Oylmpics will take place in Thunder Bay

10. Fields
- Bradd Hart
-just launched its website NB Future agenda item about utilizing this.

11. Sketchmad
- Nathalie Sinclair and Gary Flewelling
- Nathalie gave some background on the Sketchmad project at Queen's University
- a wonderful multi-layered discussion followed

12. Other Business
-Gord Doctorow brought up the issue of more elementary participaion at Forum meetings.
-we can't forget about the teacher shortage that will also be felt at Fac Eds and universities in general