July 24, 2024

Workshop on Chaotic Dynamics and Fractals for High School Teachers
February 2 - 4, 1995

John Chadam (Fields Institute)
William Langford (University of Guelph)
William F. Shadwick (Fields Institute)

Workshop Leaders will include:
John Chadam
Fields Insitute
Ron Lewis
Sudbury Board of Education
Robert Corless
University of Western Ontario
William F. Shadwick
Fields Insitute
Peter Kim
University of Guelph
Edward Vrscay
University of Waterloo
William Langford
University of Guelph

The Fields Institute will hold a hands-on workshop for high school mathematics teachers Thursday, February 2 through Saturday, February 4, 1995. The participants will be involved in exploring exciting mathematical ideas in chaos. The workshop will focus on some aspects of dynamical systems such as fractl geometry, chaotic dynamics and real-world applications, in a participatory program. Withe the guidance and particiaption of the workshop leaders, the emphasis will be on a collaborative exploration of some of the mathematical structures behind the now familiar computer generated pictures of chaotic dynamics. The workshop will also feature sessions on Maple and its interactions with dynamical systems. The Institute's program will stress a collaborative approach led by a group of experts, and is designed to provide a new resource for continuing education.