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November 24th, 2014 at 6-8.30pm
YSI (Young Scholar's Initiative)
Screening of "Inequality for All"

Location: James Stewart library, 3rd floor
Fields Institute, 222 College Street, Toronto
Johannes Buchner (McMaster University / Fields Institute)
Genet Zinabou (University of Toronto)
Young Scholar's Initiative (YSI Toronto Chapter)


The Toronto Young Scholars Initiative is hosting a screening of the documentary "Inequality for All" with an introduction by Dr. Avi Cohen, Professor of Economics at York University. Following the movie, there will be a discussion featuring Jordan Brennan, Economist at Unifor who earned his PhD in Political Science at York University, with a research focus on inequality in Canada. Food and drinks will be provided.
Please have a look at the Movie Trailer.
For further information on the film go to

Description (of YSI):

YSI (Young Scholar's Initiative) is a collective of students and young professionals who are interested in new economic thinking. It is an offshoot of the Institute for New Economic Thinking and receives funding from this source.

One of the main goals of YSI is to foster and facilitate conversation between like-minded peers and the Institute's vast network of economists; the community provides a stepping-stone to make the discipline more accessible for the casually interested and those still “learning the ropes”.

INET also actively promotes and supports the interaction and co-operation of economists with researches from other disciplines, such as history, philosophy, psychology, political science, sociology, physics or mathematics. Please see http://ineteconomicsorg/ysi for more information.

There already is an active co-operation between INET and the Fields institute, initiated by Matheus Grasselli, who organized the workshop “Mathematics for New Economic Thinking” in the year 2013 .

He has also given a video-interview How Advanced Mathematics Can Support New Economic Thinking

INET's 2014 Annual conference "Human After All" was held in Toronto in April 2014, and prior to the conference, the Fields institute hosted a workshop of YSI (

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