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Scientific Activities

The Scientific Activities of the NICDS include inaugural workshops, research projects and training events.

Research projects are vetted through a two-stage process that involves a proposal for an inaugural workshop followed by a full proposal for a national project. In the inaugural workshop, scientific partners engage in extensive discussions of analytic and scientific problems in challenging research areas, discourse that leads to a greater understanding of needs and subsequent evolution of the full proposal. While this cautious approach implies a longer lead-in time for establishing a project, in practice it has proven to be highly successful for discussing collaborative research opportunities in thematic areas, fostering contacts with government and industry, identifying problems for graduate student involvement, in bringing students in contact with industry and agencies, and showcasing the project to attract international partnerships. The Scientific Director works closely with project leaders on the nature of the collaboration, the training of HQP, and the scientific activities of the project, thereby ensuring that full proposals address the institute's goals and criteria for evaluation. NICDS criteria for projects proposals may be found here. A proposal template may be found here.

Calls for inaugural workshop proposals are a regular event. The proposals are vetted rigorously by the SAC for their potential to generate a national project that fulfills the NICDS criteria. Workshops are expected to substantially involve students as attendees or presenters. Successful workshop proposal applicants are expected to obtain matching funds from governmental or industrial partners. A sample call for proposals may be found here. A proposal template may be found here.

Adjudication of full proposals by the SAC involves at least three anonymous, often international, referees. The four-month process provides applicants with referee reports, and the SAC prepares a detailed report, with its recommendation, for consideration by the Board. In the case of a positive result, the Board communicates directly with the Principal Investigator to discuss project implementation and to suggest new research and industrial partners.

The NICDS has also issued calls for proposals for intensive training events. A sample call for proposals may be found here. A proposal template may be found here.

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