National Institute for
Complex Data Structures


Scientific Activities

  • Nationally Coordinated: Projects should have a national flavour and involve relevant statistical expertise from several institutions across the country. Team membership is expected to be inclusive in a dynamic way throughout the period of NPCDS support. Particular emphasis is placed on the involvement of "isolated" researchers.

  • Scientific Quality: Does the proposal have significant capacity for creating new statistical methodology. Is there potential for the project to develop new methodology relevant to emerging complex data structures.

  • Strength of Research Team: Is the project leader appropriate for this project? Is the research team interdisciplinary? Does it involve researchers in substantive areas? Does the project bring together the appropriate expertise to work on the proposed problem?

  • Interdisciplinary: Projects should involve active collaboration with substantive scientists and give evidence of interdisciplinary activity. The new statistical methodology to be developed should be relevant to substantive areas.

  • Strategic Initiative: Is the project advantageous to the strategic positioning of the statistical sciences community in Canada? Is there evidence the project will have a positive impact on the growth, development and advancement of the statistical sciences in Canada.

  • Potential Support: Successful applicants are expected to secure further funding from other sources like CIHR, MITACS, SSHRC, and so on, during the period of NPCDS support. This is a condition for the renewal of a NPCDS project. Proposals should detail a project's strategic objectives in this regard.

  • Training Impact: Does the project contribute to HQP training? Does, or will, the project involve graduate students or post-doctoral fellows in research positions with the support of partner institutes, industrial partners, government agencies, and so on? Will the project impact other training initiatives?

  • Partners and Networking: Does the project involve strategic partnerships with scientific institutes, industrial partners, government agencies and so on?

  • Management Plan: Does the project have a clear management plan? Are partner roles clearly defined? Is it clear how team members will interact and collaborate? Are training aspects clear? Are objectives attainable?

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