National Institute for
Complex Data Structures



Board of Directors

The NICDS is managed by a Scientific Director, who is responsible for the overall leadership of the Institute, a Board of Directors and a Scientific Advisory Committee.

The NICDS Board of Directors is comprised of the Scientific Director, representation from Canada's mathematical sciences institutes and the Statistical Society of Canada (SSC). As the NICDS has evolved its Board has expanded in strategic directions. In the fall of 2003 the Director of SAMSI, Jim Berger, joined the Board and in fall of 2005 the Scientific Co-Director of EURANDOM, Henry Wynn, also joined the Board. Professor Wynn also represents the interest of (sfi)2.
The Board meets three times a year. Its duties include the approval of expenditures, the annual budget and all SAC recommendations. It oversees various institute activities including the vetting of proposals, management of projects and resolution of conflicts of interest. The Board also acts in an advisory capacity concerning the institute's activities, funding opportunities, renewal of the institute's resources and further partnering opportunities. It also identifies subject areas that are of acute scientific and strategic imperative to the establishment of new emerging teams, and identifies potential project leaders. The Board encourages international collaborations particularly through EURANDOM, (sfi)2 and SAMSI.

Board Membership

Jim Berger
Charmaine Dean
Ivar Ekeland
Barbara Keyfitz
Christian Leger, Chair
Jamie Stafford
Henry Wynn
For additonal information contact (stafford (AT)
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