World Congress in Probability and Statistics

July 11-15, 2016
hosted by the Fields Institute, Toronto


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Local Organizing Committee Chair:

Tom Salisbury (York)

Scientific Programme Committee:

Alison Etheridge (Scientific Programme Committee Chair)
Iain Johnstone (Stanford)
Judith Rousseau (IMS Programme Secretary)
Tom Salisbury (Chair Local organisers)
Fang Yao (representative of Statistical Society of Canada)
Nakahiro Yoshida (Bernoulli Society Scientific Secretary)
Probal Chaudhuri (Indian Statistical Institute)
Song Xi Chen (Beijing/Iowa)
Nick Duffield (Texas A&M)
Pablo Ferrari (Buenos Aires)
Michael Jordan (Berkeley)
Xihong Lin (Harvard)
Zhi-Ming Ma (Chinese Academy of Sciences)
Greg Miermont (Lyon)
Lea Popovic (Concordia)
Alexander Tsybakov (Paris 6)
Larry Wasserman (Carnegie Mellon)
Alan Welsh (ANU)
Nanny Wermuth (Chalmers/Mainz)