May 28, 2023

Summer School and Conference in Geometric Representation Theory and Extended Affine Lie Algebras


Ivana Baranovic: Combinatorial bases of Feigin-Stoyanovsky’s type subspaces of level k standard modules for D(1) 4

Dusko Bogdanic: Transfer of gradings via derived equivalences and sl_2 - categorification

Mark Colarusso: Gelfand-Zeitlin actions on classical groups

Yassir Dinar: Classical W-algebras and algebric Frobenius manifolds

RJ Dolbin: Ideals in parabolic subalgebras of simple Lie algebras

Darren Funk-Neubauer: Bidiagonal pairs, tridiagonal pairs, Lie algebras, and quantum groups

Jan Grabowski: Examples of quantum cluster algebras related to partial flag varieties

Nicholas Guay: Representations of double affine Lie algebras and finite groups

Alexander Hoffnung: A categorification of Hecke algebras

Miroslav Jerkovic: Character formulas for Feigin-Stoyanovsky’s type subspaces of standard sl(3,C)e-modules

Kinvi Kagni: Delta invariant integral on reductive Lie group.

Vanesa Meinardi: QHWR of the Lie subalgebra of type orthogonal of matrix differential operators on the circle

Juana Sanchez Ortega: Natural questions concerning Lie algebras of quotients

Tanusree Pal: Representations of Lie tori of type Al coordinated by cyclotomic quantum tori

Tim Ridenour: Rigid subsets of weights for simple Lie algebras

Ahmet Seven: Cluster algebras and generalized Cartan matrices of affine type

Armin Shalile: On the center of the Brauer algebra and modular character theory