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April 21-22, 2006
Ontario Combinatorics Workshop
held at Fields Institute, Toronto

Organizing Committee:
Mike Molloy (Toronto) and Peter Danziger (Ryerson).
Supported by

Department of Computer Science

The main purpose of the OCW is to encourage graduate students at the various institutions around southern Ontario to become acquainted with each other and to foster an appreciation of the scope of the work being done ``close to home". The main focus of the workshop is 25 minute presentations by graduate students. The Peter Rodney Memorial Book Prize will be awarded for the best presentation by a graduate student.

The winner of the Peter Rodney Book Prize for best student talk was Andrea Burgess for
"Colouring even cycle systems".

Invited speakers

Robert Jamison (Clemson)
Brett Stevens (Carleton)
Jacques Verstraete (Waterloo)

Student Support

A small amount of support is available for Graduate Students and Post Doctorial Fellows. Please request funding when you register.
**Please note: Priority will be given to funding requests received before Thursday April 13, 2006**

Confirmed Participants (updated April 19)

Fullname University/Affiliation
Aazami, Ashkan University of Waterloo
Bell, Jordan Carleton
Bell, Jordan Carleton
Boucher, Christina University of Waterloo
Burgess, Andrea University of Ottawa
Casteels, Karel University of Waterloo
Chiniforooshan, Ehsan University of Waterloo
Corneil, Derek University of Toronto
Csorba, Peter The University of Western Ontario
Danziger, Peter Ryerson University
Dewar, Megan Carleton University
Dong, Li Carleton University
Elliott-Magwood, Paul University of Ottawa
Farzad, Babak University of Toronto
Garner, Cyril W. L. Carleton University
Gosselin, Shonda University of Ottawa
Hoppen, Carlos University of Waterloo
Jamison, Robert E. Clemson University
Kemkes, Graeme University of Waterloo
Lau, Lap Chi University of Toronto
Li, Yue University of Guelph
Light, John Bowman Clemson University
Lobb, Jason Carleton University
Loker, David University of Waterloo
Martinez, Conrado Univ. Politecnica de Catalunya
Masuda, Ariane Carleton University
McDonald, Jessica University of Waterloo
Mirjalalieh Shirazi, Mirhamed University of Waterloo
Molloy, Michael University of Toronto
Moura, Lucia University of Ottawa
Pan, Shengjun University of Waterloo
Panario, Daniel Carleton University
Park, Eun-Young Christina University of Toronto
Raaphorst, Sebastian University of Toronto
Simjour, Narges University of Waterloo
Stevens, Brett Carleton University
Tedder, Mark University of Toronto
Verret, Gabriel University of Ottawa
Verstraete, Jacques Univeristy of Wateloo
Wang, Steven Qiang Carleton University
Zekaoui, Latifa University of Ottawa


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