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April 21-22, 2006
Ontario Combinatorics Workshop
held at Fields Institute, Toronto

Schedule (speaker abstracts)

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Department of Computer Science
Friday -The Fields Institute
8:30 Registration
8:50 Welcoming address
9:00 Christina Boucher
Graph Isomorphism Completeness for Subclasses of Perfect Graphs
9:25 Carlos Hoppen
On geodesics in random regular graphs
9:50 Shengjun Pan
The Crossing Number of K11 is 100
10:15 BREAK
11:15 Jacques Verstraete
Cycles of prescribed lengths in graphs
12:15 LUNCH
2:00 David Loker
Combinatorial Auctions and Winner Determination on Graphs
2:25 Lap Chi Lau
On Steiner Rooted-Orientations of Graphs and Hypergraphs
2:50 Paul Elliott-Magwood
Constructing Optimal Solutions to the 2-edge-connected Spanning Subgraph Problem
3:15 BREAK (venue change to Bahen Centre)
Robert Jamison
On the Chromatic Spectrum of Decompositions of Graphs
Mark Tedder
Dynamically recognizing distance-hereditary graphs under edge addition and deletion
Shonda Gosselin
Vertex-Transitive and Self-Complementary 3-Hypergraphs
Bo Light
On a Problem of Eric Mendelsohn on Edge-Intersections of Graphs
Saturday -The Fields Institute
9:00 Eshan Chiniforooshan
Coloring Geometric Hypergraphs Induced by 3D Boxes
9:25 Gabriel Verret
Shifts in Cayley Graphs
9:50 Ashkan Aazami
Approximating the Power Dominating Set problem
10:15 BREAK
11:15 Ariane Masuda
The number of permutation binomials over F4p+1 where p and 4p+1 are primes
11:40 Hamed Hatami
Fourier spectrum of Boolean functions
12:05 LUNCH
2:00 Andrea Burgess
Colouring even cycle systems
2:25 Jordan Bell
Cyclotomic R-orthomorphisms and character sums
2:50 Brett Stevens
Covering Arrays: An Exploration of Diverse Viewpoints on an Applied Problem
3:50 BREAK
4:20 Latifa Zekaoui
Mixed Covering Arrays on Graphs
4:45 Megan Dewar
Universal Cycles for Triple Systems
5:10 Jason Lobb
A Gray Code of Mixed Radix N-Tuples of Constant Weight
5:35 Li Dong
Combinatorial Decomposable Structures with Restricted Pattern

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