September 21, 2021
Thematic Program on the Geometry of String Theory
A joint program of the Fields Institute, Toronto & Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics, Waterloo

Workshop on Mirror Symmetry
at Perimeter Institute, Waterloo

November 19-23, 2004

Organizers: D. Auroux (MIT), M. Gross (Warwick), K. Hori (Toronto), N. Yui (Queens)

National Science Foundation

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Main topics will be Strominger-Yau-Zaslow conjecture, homological mirror symmetry, as well as number theoretic aspects. New directions such as (0,2) mirror symmetry, flux backgrounds, etc will also be discussed.

**For information regarding the shuttle bus between Fields and Perimeter during the Workshop, click here.

Visitors requiring assistance regarding housing/hotels during your stay at Perimeter, please contact Karen Wiatowski, Visitor Program Coordinator, at:, or by phone at: (519) 569-7600 ext. 248.

Confirmed Participants as of November 18, 2004

Fullname University/Affiliation
Abouzaid, Mohammed University of Chicago
Adams, Allan Harvard University
Aldi, Marco Northwestern University
Auroux, Denis Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Batyrev, Victor Universität Tübingen
Behrend, Kai University of British Columbia
Belhaj, Adil University of Ottawa
Ben-Bassat, Oren University of Pennsylvania
Boden, Hans U. McMaster University
Bondal, Alexey I. Steklov Mathemaical Institute
Brav, Christopher Queen's University
Bursztyn, Henrique The Fields Institute
Caldararu, Andrei University of Pennsylvania
Castano-Bernard, Ricardo Max Planck Institute for Mathematics in the Sciences
Cho, Cheol-Hyun Northwestern University
Ciocan-Fontanine, Ionut University of Minnesota
de la Ossa, Xenia University of Oxford
Doran, Charles University of Washington
Fock, Vladimir V. Institute of Theoretical and Experimental Physics
Fujii, Shigeyuki Nagoya University
Fukaya, Kenji Kyoto University
Goldstein, Edward Institute of Advanced Study
Gorbounov, Vassily University of Kentucky
Gross, Mark University of Warwick
Gualtieri, Marco The Fields Institute
Herbst, Manfred The Fields Institute
Ho, Nan-Kuo The Fields Institute
Hori, Kentaro University of Toronto
Horja, Richard Paul The Fields Institute
Hosomichi, Kazuo University of Toronto
Hosono, Shinobu University of Tokyo
Hulek, Klaus Universitat Hannover
Hurtubise, Jacques Université de Montréal
Ito, Yukari Nagoya University
Jeffrey, Lisa University of Toronto
Jiang, Yunfeng University of British Columbia
Kadir, Shabnam The Fields Institute
Kapustin, Anton California Institute of Technology
Karigiannis, Spiro McMaster University
Katz, Sheldon University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Katzarkov, Ludmil University of California, Irvine
Kausz, Ivan Universitaet Regensburg
Kennaway, Kris The Fields Institute
Khesin, Boris University of Toronto
Kim, Bumsig Korea Institute for Advanced Study
Klemm, Albrecht University of Wisconsin-Madison
Kotsireas, Ilias Wilfrid Laurier University
Kwon, Seongchun The Fields Institute
Lee, Brian University of Toronto
Leung, Naichung Conan University of Minnesota
Li, Yi California Institute of Technology
Markman, Eyal University of Massachusetts
McLellan, Brendan University of Toronto
Mehrotra, Sukhendu University of Pennsylvania
Mikhalkin, Grigory University of Toronto
Minabe, Satoshi Nagoya University
Minami, Norihiko Nagoya Institute of Technology
Moraru, Ruxandra The Fields Insitute
Morrison, David R. Duke University
Müller-Stach, Stefan Johannes Gutenberg-Universität Mainz
Myers, Robert Perimeter Institute
Nicas, Andrew J. McMaster University
Niepel, Martin McMaster University
Nishinou, Takeo Freiburg university
Oh, Yong-Geun University of Wisconsin at Madison
Ohta, Hiroshi Nagoya University
Okuda, Takuya California Institute of Technology
Ono, Kaoru Hokkaido University
Pantev, Tony University of Pennsylvania
Pinsonnault, Martin The Fields Institute
Purbhoo, Kevin The Fields Institute
Rosly, Alexei Institute of Theoretical and Experimental Physics
Ruan, Wei-Dong University of Illinois at Chicago
Ruan, Yongbin University of Wisconsin at Madison
Saito, Masa-Hiko Kobe University
Saxena, Ashish The Fields Institute
Schimmrigk, Rolf Kennesaw State University
Sebbar, Abdellah University of Ottawa
Shinobu, Hosono University of Tokyo
Siebert, Bernd Universitaet Freiburg
Stienstra, Jan University of Utrecht
Takahashi, Atsushi RIMS Kyoto University
van Enckevort, Christian Johannes Gutenberg-Universitaet
van Straten, Duco Universitey of Johannes Gutenberg
Verrill, Helena Louisiana State University
Walcher, Johannes University of California, Santa Barbara
Wendt, Robert University of Toronto
Woodward, Christopher Rutgers University
Yui, Noriko Queen's University
Zaslow, Eric Northwestern University
Zharkov, Ilia Harvard University
Zhu, Ke The Fields Institute
Zoghi, Masrour University of Toronto
Candelas, Philip University of Oxford
Lukic, Sergio Rutgers University
Micallef, Mario University of Warwick
Salur, Sema Northwestern University
Villegas, Fernando Rodriguez University of texas at Austin
Wolfson, Jon Stanford University

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