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Nima Arkani-Hamed, Harvard
HEP circa 2010
Vijay Balasubramanian, University of Pennsylania
The Library of Babel: Holography and Quantum Foam

Melanie Becker,University of Maryland
M-theory Cosmology

Niklas Beisert,

Applying Integrability in AdS and CFT
Iosif Bena, UCLA
Geometric Transitions, Black Rings and Black Hole Microstates
Dick Bond, CITA, University of Toronto
Measuring Cosmic Parameters
Freddy Cachazo, Perimeter
Recent Progress in Perturbative Gauge Theories
Atish Dabholkar,Tata Institute of Fundamental Research
Going beyond Bekenstein and Hawking
Frederik Denef, Rutgers University
Constructions and distributions of string vacua
Michael Dine, Santa Cruz Insitute for Particle Physics
Branches of the Landscape
Michael Douglas, I.H.E.S., Rutgers University
Is the number of string vacua finite?
Henriette Elvang,UC Santa Barbara
Black rings
Sergey Frolov, Max-Planck-Institut fur Gravitationsphysik Albert-Einstein-Institut, Potsdam
Multi-parameter deformations of AdS_5 x S^5 geometry

Amihay Hanany, MIT
Brane Tilings, Dimers and Quiver Gauge Theories

Petr Horava, UC Berkeley
Noncritical M-Theory in 2+1 Dimensions as a Nonrelativistic Fermi Liquid
Gary Horowitz, University of California Santa Barbara
A new endpoint for Hawking evaporation
Shamit Kachru, SLAC, Stanford University
A classical type IIA landscape

Renata Kallosh, Stanford
String cosmology and the index of the Dirac operator

Anton Kapustin, Caltech
Disorder operators in gauge theories and duality
Per Kraus, UCLA
Attractors, Anomalies, and Black Hole Entropy

Martin Kruczenski, Brandeis
Strings from N=1 superconformal gauge theories

Hong Liu, MIT
Black hole singularities in Yang-Mills theories
Oleg Lunin, IAS
Marginal deformations of field theories and their gravity duals
Juan Maldacena,, Institute for Advanced Study
Free fermions and BPS geometries
Dario Martelli, CERN
New results in AdS/CFT
Hirosi Ooguri, CalTech
Topological String Theory

Joseph Polchinski , KITP, UCSB
Update on cosmic strings
Fernando Quevedo,University of Cambridge
Exponentially large extra dimensions and soft supersymmetry breaking in type IIB flux compactifications

Albert de Roeck,CERN
Physics beyond the Standard Model at the LHC

Vyacheslav Rychkov,ITFA, Universiteit van Amsterdam
Geometry quantization from supergravity

Ashoke Sen, Harish-Chandra Research Institute
Extremal black holes in higher derivative gravity
Nathan Seiberg, Institute for Advanced Study
New Phenomena in 2d String Theory
Eva Silverstein, SLAC, Stanford University
The Tachyon at the End of the Universe
Andrei Starinets, Perimeter Institute
Holography and hydrodynamics
Andrew Strominger, Harvard
Fun with Black Holes
Shigeki Sugimoto,Yukawa Institute for Theoritical Physics, Kyoto University
Analysis of QCD via Supergravity
Tadashi Takayanagi, Harvard
Time-like Linear Dilaton and Open-Closed Duality
Alessandro Tomasiello, ITP, Stanford University
The Generalized Complex Geometry of Supersymmetry
Henry Tye, Cornell
Wavefunction of the Universe

Angel Uranga,Universidad Autónoma de Madrid
Infrared dynamics of duality cascades and warped throats
Erik Verlinde, ITF, Universiteit van Amsterdam
A Matrix Big Bang
Bernard de Wit, Institue for Theoretical Physics & Spinoza Institute, Utrecht University
Supersymmetric Black Hole Partition Functions
Edward Witten, Institute for Advanced Study
Axions In String Theory
Shing-Tung Yau, Harvard
Superstring theory with torsion
Barton Zwiebach, MIT
Is there a closed string tachyon vacuum ?

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