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World Year of Physics



What is string theory? Introduction for the general audience

The Elegant Universe
Superstrings by John M. Pierre
String Theory by Robbert Dijkgraaf
The Official String Theory web site
Beyond String theory
The Second Superstring Revolution by John Schwarz
par Alexandre Depire La Théorie Des Cordes
par Michael Duff Les nouvelles théories des cordes (Texte au format pdf )

Niagara Falls
Frequently asked questions

Other Strings Conferences:
Strings 1995, Los Angeles, USA
Strings 1997, Amsterdam, Holland
Strings 1998, Santa Barbara, USA
Strings 1999, Potsdam, Germany
Strings 2000, Ann Arbor, USA
Strings 2001, Mumbai, India
Strings 2002, Cambridge, UK
Strings 2003, Kyoto, Japan
Strings 2004, Paris, France
Strings 2005, Toronto, Canada
Strings 2006, Beijing, China
Strings 2007, Madrid, Spain (poster)
Strings 2008, CERN, Geneva, Switzerland(poster 3 mb)
Strings 2009, Rome, Italy (poster)



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